There’s been a particular basketball tournament on for several weeks (the past 72 hours have been rather exciting for this Kentucky Wildcat fan, wink wink), and my attention has not been on the weather conditions in North Texas. Heck, I didn’t even know we were under a severe thunderstorm warning – much less a threat for tornadoes! – until the Assistant Principal came into my classroom today and announced our campus was under an emergency, severe weather “duck and cover” situation. Fortunately, this happened during my conference period and I did not have students in my classroom at the time. We never lost power or Internet access, so I was able to receive weather updates from the National Weather Service, as well as information from the school district.

I called Husband after lunch to let him know about the situation …. his response, “Umm – ok. I didn’t even know anything was going on!”

So goes it.

(photos below from WFAA-Channel 8 viewers)

The first tornado reported touched down between Joshua and Cleburne. In fact, Husband and I were at this gas station last Friday evening when he fueled the truck after we ate dinner!

I purchased my John Deere lawn mower at this dealership, located between Joshua and Cleburne – approximately five miles from our house.

This nursing home and rehab facility in south Arlington (between Dallas and Fort Worth) was heavily damaged. According to news reports, there were no injuries and all residents have been relocated to other facilities.

The damage from this afternoon’s tornadoes is extensive and stretches across a very large area of North Texas. The cities of Cleburne, Lancaster, Forney, Arlington, and Caddo Mills are among the hardest hit areas.

Thankfully, when I got home tonight I had a house still standing and Blue was still in the pasture nickering for his supper. Husband left work early to access the probable (but non-existent) damage around our place. His belly and mine were growling for supper too!!!!

We’re safe and sound, thanks for the concern and messages.




Stay safe in this crazy springtime weather!