Last Wednesday morning, our weekend plans looked like this:

  • Thursday – a day-trip to Salado to visit a friend and her new baby
  • Friday + Saturday – an overnight stay in East Texas with the in-laws/grandparents
  • Sunday – church and dinner with Pastor and small group leaders

Then, by Wednesday evening, our plans changed. If you have an opportunity to help someone, just do it. There is nothing written in the Book of Visiting Grandparents that we *had* to visit this particular weekend anyway. Thankfully, they were understanding when we explained what we were doing and for whom.

Britton and Kristen are friends I consider family, the daughters I’ll never have, and the nieces I spoil. It’s pretty awesome being Auntie Nee to these two lovely ladies.


When their mother asked me to love them extra while their dad was in the hospital, I jumped at the opportunity. Husband, Kamden, and I were happy to be their hosts. We provided the room and board while they entertained us with their contagious laughs. Husband and Kirsten are kindred spirits with their introverted personalities and they both eat dry cereal out of a cup. Weirdos! Kamden loved the extra attention – story time with Kirsten at the table and funny selfies with Britton en route to the fro-yo shop.




Just when we thought our weekend couldn’t get better, Tropical Storm Jackson made landfall at the Hutchison Homestead. Husband and I went from having two teenage girls to two toddler boys at our house in just a few hours.

Kamden and Jackson met at The Little Gym a year ago and are now classmates in pre-school. Jackson is an only child too and Kamden definitely displayed some defensiveness (i.e. hoarding toys and clinging to Daddy), but once he realized Jackson was staying for the long haul, all was well. And what better way to welcome Jackson to the ranch than show him the flatbed trailer or how to climb a fence?!





When your bubble blowing lawn mower quits working, your buddy helps fix it. Or stares at it. Or stomps on it. Or both. It’s the ranch way.



The boys eventually made their way to the barn to sit on the tractor and bang wire panels against metal walls to make as much noise as humanly possible. They succeeded. Jackson was seriously excited about sitting in the driver’s seat on the tractor too!





After a quick snack and hydration break, it was time to play with balls, more bubbles, and stand on the big pile of rocks.




To cap off our evening, the boys decorated the concrete in front of the garage with sidewalk chalk and took turns riding the tricycle. At one point, while Jackson was sitting in the seat, Kamden was standing on the back. Jackson didn’t like it so he’d turn around and push Kamden away. Can’t say I blame the kid! (Notice Jackson is holding his piece of chalk while steering the tricycle and Kamden is covered in dust and dirt from the rock pile. It’s a hard life for these two toddlers!)



It was a crazy, whirlwind weekend full of laughs and kiddos from 20 months to 16 years. Husband and I had a blast, but we all took a nap Sunday afternoon!

How was your weekend?