Do you ever wish you could return to your high school days?

If you had asked me this question ten years ago, I would have thought you were crazy. I was one-of-th0se-know-it-alls that preached “as soon as I graduate, I’m outta here!” I stuck to my guns and did as I said.

Mere hours after graduating from Webster County High School, I was on the road to a Jr. PGA golf tournament. A few months later, I started college at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky. A year later, I moved to Beaumont, Texas and attended Lamar University. A year later, I transferred to Texas A&M University at Commerce.

I have not had a permanent address in the Commonwealth of Kentucky since 2002.

{ I just realized my ten-year high school reunion is this year …. wow, time flies! }

{ Is someone planning a reunion to celebrate? }

{ Would I attend a reunion? }

It is days such as this that I’m extremely proud of my alma mater, Webster County High School. Today, the boys’ basketball team competed in its first-ever Class A state tournament in the capital city, Frankfort.

Unfortunately, they lost the first round game 61-51. But I’m still really proud of them! Especially for Jon Newton, head coach of the Trojans, who’s a classmate of mine … we graduated together in 2002.

I wish I had been in Kentucky for this momental occasion – the county’s school district cancelled school for two (TWO!) days for fans and supporters to make the trip.

I couldn’t be in Frankfort physically, but I’ve thought about the coaches, players, and fans all day. In fact, I “secretly” wore a WCHS t-shirt under my sweater today (it’s against dress code to wear clothing with logos, emblems, etc). I’m so proud of WCHS athletics and especially proud that the boys’ basketball team won the school’s first-ever All-A Second Region Championship …. it’s an accomplishment, as Coach Newton said, “for past, present, and future Trojan players.”

Trojan Pride is County Nation Wide ….. and in Texas

In honor of the Maroon and Gold,