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As a strong, independent woman who’s married, these 10 things are true about my relationship …

Hurricane Florence wrecked havoc for so many people, but the wild horses along the Outer Banks of North Carolina  emerged unscathed. I’ve been to the Outer Banks and I’ve seen these horses, they’re beautiful and resilient animals!

Looking for a birthday, anniversary or early Christmas present for a special man in your life? This leather passport wallet is a great option!

Whether you’re a farmer or not, you will appreciate this grain cart operator’s enthusiasm and sense of humor! (I’ve watched this video so many times I’ve lost count but laughed hysterically because 1) it’s so true and 2) I really want to drive to Canada and refill her snack bags!)

What if we all began each day on our hands and knees in prayer thanking God for all He has given us? Kudos to Mark Wahlburg

Investing in my motherhood journey has been heavy on my heart lately. I’m prayerfully discerning how I can combine my love for Bible journaling (mostly note-taking in the margins) and cultivate Kamden’s faith. I will most likely create an heirloom Bible that I will give to Kamden on his 18th birthday but, until then, I want to purchase these catechesis books to help nurture his spiritual development now.

Catechesis is a big word, but it’s paramount in cultivating one’s faith. It’s an educational process that combines basic pillars of faith — prayer, Bible study, and worship — to take root in hearts and minds of believers of all ages so they may blossom into the Christ-like image God created them to be.