{ Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash }

I find this incredibly fascinating and I’m proud to come from that tiny BROWN dot on the map!

A beautiful post from a mother to her daughter that is equally poignant to the church for its upcoming stewardship/capital campaign about wants verses needs, equal sacrifice, and generosity.

Carey Neiuwhof is always posting great blogs, podcasts, and ministry snippets. This post on passion is especially true because I’m currently working on something that makes me excited about the mission and ministry at FUMC Joshua. Yes, it’s after midnight. Yes, I need to go to sleep. But when the ideas start flowing, I roll with it!

Do you know someone who’s climbed Mount Everest not just once, but TWICE? I do. His name is Gary Ervin and he’s a dear friend of mine. During my summer breaks in high school and college, I was a nanny and golf coach for his two sons, Luke and Gabriel. Their oldest sister, Mallory, is pretty fabulous too!

Proof that a Sagittarius makes the best kind of friend.