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A serious consideration for family ministries: don’t let men off the hook!

I’m not a soccer fan but I am so impressed with Japan’s sportsmanship. These are the kind of manners every parent dreams for their child.

Even though I’ve lived near Fort Worth for a decade, I still have a lot to do before I complete this ultimate bucket list.

I’m not a fan of Wal-Mart and I know me not shopping there because of political shenanigans is not going to affect their bottom line, but for dairy farmers in my home state of Kentucky, they’re losing their entire livelihood. This entire situation makes me sick. It’s heartbreaking. It’s more reason to shop small and support local businesses!

My blogger buddy Ruthie shares her family’s experience with adoption. I remember the day Gideon was born and met his forever family!

When everyone takes responsibility for serving, protecting, and loving their community, strong towns are born!

50 ways to connect with your children outdoors …

We are traveling this summer and I’m considering a LeapPad for Kamden in the car and on an airplane. Plus, these apps look amazing too! If you have a tablet for your child, I’d love your input on brand, product review, app suggestions, and any other information you wish to share!

For $50, you can change the trajectory of a life for generations to come. Grace. Always. Wins.

Looking for a baby or toddler gift? Check out these alphabet books and custom art prints!