Welcome to my first edition of It’s OK Thursday, hosted by Neely. This should be interesting, I have no idea what to say!

Its Ok Thursdays

IT’S OK …..

to be the new kid on the bloggy-blog-block

to restart the dryer to avoid folding clothes

to not edit a photograph perfectly

to be a tad-bit jealous of graphic designers

to smash every bug to an unrecognizable condition to ensure it won’t jump on me, or attack me, or bite/sting me

to be a happily married late-20-something without a small human calling me Mom

that my blog is small

to crave sushi at 3am

to stay up late

to read 50 Shades multiple times … it stays on my Kindle’s front page

to be spoiled

to say thank you

to be home sick

to be addicted to reality TV, specifically The Real Housewives

to laugh-snort when watching Tim Hawkins videos

to sing every lyric of every song on country music radio

to be goofy-giddy about watching Matthew McHottness in Magic Mike

Well, how did I do?