Before you finalize your summer plans, I’d like to invite you to a book club, hosted by Margaret Feinberg, reading the *THE ORGANIC GOD*.

The first time I read *THE ORGANIC GOD* was 2002. It was a gift from my aunt who had read it with her book club in Louisville, Kentucky. Before I finished the first page, I knew it was a book that I would enjoy. Margaret uses simplistic language (in all of her books!) and it’s like she’s sitting next to me and we are in conversation.

I describe God has organic. While it’s a word usually associated with food grown without chemical-based fertilizers or pesticides, organic is also used to describe a lifestyle: simple, healthful, and close to nature. Those are the things I desire in my relationship with God. I hunger for simplicity. I want to approach God in childlike faith, wonder, and awe. I long for more than just spiritual life but spiritual health — whereby my soul is not just renewed and restored by becomes a source of refreshment for others. Such a God-infused lifestyle requires me to step away from any insta-grow shortcuts and dig deep into the soil of spiritual formation found only in God.

Beginning June 11, Margaret will lead an online book discussion from her website. Every Monday, she will post insights from *THE ORGANIC GOD*. This is an excellent opportunity to engage with a group or Sunday school class, yet it’s perfectly suited for individuals too.

JOIN ME!!!!!!!!!

Listening to God’s voice requires more than just my ears; it requires my eyes, my mind, my spirit, my entire being to recognize the God-nudges in my life. Deep down inside I still hunger for a true, pure relationship with the Organic God — the One True God. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. In him is found the mysterious wonder of the Trinity. He is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

For the giveaway, I’m offering ONE (1) set complete with *THE ORGANIC GOD* book, workbook, and DVD series.

If you would rather purchase now, click HERE. The set is normally $130, but Margaret has deeply discounted it for the summer reading series and you can purchase the entire set for $34.99. WHAT. A. DEAL.

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This giveaway ends Sunday, June 3 at 9:00pm Central. The winner will be notified by email and the set will be mailed shortly after. Margaret’s weekly blog series begins June 11.

I hope you will join me this summer reading *THE ORGANIC GOD* with Margaret, it’s one of my favorite books and I know you’ll enjoy it too!

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