If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you have seen the name Margaret Feinberg.

As an author and professional speaker, she blesses readers and audiences with heartfelt messages. As a person, she’s approachable and authentic. Margaret is genuine and it doesn’t hurt that she has an adorable dog (Hershey), handsome husband (Leif), loves the outdoors, and has an undeniable joy for Jesus!

As the Season of Lent approaches (it begins on Ash Wednesday, February 22) and Christians anticipate the Celebration of Easter (Sunday, April 8), I’d like to encourage you to consider one of Margaret’s DVD Bible studies. Specifically, the study on the Gospel of John. I used this curriculum when it was my turn to lead Sunday school class. In addition the video, I used the Participant’s Guide and coordinating questions to lead discussion over a six-week time period. Everyone in my class enjoyed the DVD series, and I think you will too!

This six-week study includes short video segments (filmed in a beautiful art studio and gallery) where Margaret explores into Scripture and leads participants on a journey of faith, redemption, and restoration through the Gospel of John. While the stories are familiar, I’d never considered the multi-faceted meanings, and underlying messages, Margaret explains. Her lessons open my eyes (and my heart) to apply ancient Scripture to my daily life.

I was particularly moved during session two, When God Sees Through You. In the fast-paced society in which we live, it is easy to conceal ourselves in the crowd. Or, move so quickly we are a blur. But Margaret, in her captivating prose, reminds us that no matter how distracted we become with idols, or our flawed human-ness, God continues to pursue us. It was Jesus that walked among the weak and meek; He did not only see people physically, but He saw through them and knew who they really were from the inside out. Forget first impressions or fancy masks, the Son of God sees our true selves! This recognition, just like the experience of The Samaritan Woman, is part of God’s healing and redemptive power.

Today, and every day, may we seek the areas in our life that need healing and restoration.

May we seek the beauty in the magnificent and mundane.

And, find those in our own communities who need real relationships and authentic demonstration of love and faithfulness.

To view other materials written by Margaret, please visit her website by clicking HERE. There is a complete library of her products, including books and DVD studies.

All things are beauty-full,