Have you been outside lately? It’s absolutely gorgeous. Well, at least in Joshua, Texas it’s beautiful. Husband offered to mow the yard last night, but I protested and told him I would do it. Because, you know, I’m nice like that. I think I finally realized WHY Husband prefers to mow: it takes me a looooong time to do it.

I’m not too particular about most things — well, except closing doors, my handwriting, sweet tea, knife skills, AND straight lines in the yard. It’s my Daddy’s fault. Growing up, we had a HUGE yard and it was very meticulously mowed. Sometimes, he would get extra fancy and create a criss-cross pattern. It was beautiful and any golf course or baseball field would be envious. Well, jealous until I messed up Daddy’s artwork with the tracks left by my golf cart.

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Nowadays, I’m happy if the grass is green. Since we’ve had ample rainfall this spring, it’s definitely green and requires mowing at least once a week. Along the front and side of our house is a curved sidewalk, plus several trees. Needless to say, there are no SQUARED areas for me to have perfectly straight lines. It drives me nuts.

Excuse my very dirty and dusty mower. It needs a bath worse than Blue. Geesh.

I love our front porch. I really do. But the curved sidewalk causes me much stress when it comes to mowing and straight lines.

For several years now, Husband and I have not mowed the entire lot of land that surrounds our house. It would take FOR-ever and it’s really not necessary. He uses his big tractor and shredder to mow the pasture and the plot between our house and county road. Doing this, however, creates a “curve” in my mowing job. STRESS!!!!

I’m pretty sure I mowed this part of the yard at least twice, maybe three times, and probably consumed an extra gallon (or five) of gas. I couldn’t help myself ….. I see open space and it yells STRAIGHT LINES! STRAIGHT LINES! to me. Really, I hear voices in my head.

Oh gosh, I just admitted to hearing voices.

Never mind.

As I was mowing, I noticed that Mama Bird was sitting near the spot where I knew the two eggs were. I grabbed my camera and attached the zoom lens, trying to get as close to Mama Bird and The Nest as possible.

Once I got within 30 feet from Mama Bird, she started walking towards the grass. I was thankful because I have a little surprise for y’all:

Yep, count them …. one … two … we have THREE eggs!!!!! She must have laid another egg sometime last night or this morning. That’s exciting stuff.

The voices in my head are telling me to fold the towels in the dryer.

Over and out.