Each time I pull out of my parent’s driveway, I cry big alligator tears from Sebree, Kentucky until I hit the state line near Union City, Tennessee –  about 150 miles. Those 2-3 hours give me plenty of time to get all that emotional crap out of my system. No matter how many times I go home, each time I leave it’s as if I’ll never return.

Yesterday, however, I did something I’ve not done before.

I cried in Tennessee.

The mission team finished our project at Ms. Hester’s house after lunch yesterday. (Click HERE for project pictures!) The covered porch and new vinyl look terrific and I’m so proud of our team from FUMC Joshua, plus my Mom. By the time we packed up the project site, drove back to the house at Henderson Settlement, and packed our trailer with luggage, it was time to hit the road for the long trip back to Texas.

Saying goodbye to Mom didn’t help my breakdown either. In fact, she made it worse.

By the time I got my cry-baby-self into the van, we were on our way out of Frakes, Kentucky. There was just one small problem: instead of 150 miles to get that emotional mess over and done with, the state line was six miles down the road! I was a hot mess. Literally and figuratively.

I’m sorry, my beloved Kentucky, but I left a few tears in Tennessee.