Spiritual Gifts and Rock Collecting

  Kamden and I have been enjoying the beautiful weather by treasure hunting in the yard and driveway. After an hour of playful discovery and excavation, Kamden had a pile of rocks and placed each one on the porch rail. While Kamden examined his treasures, I remembered a recent Bible study lesson on spiritual gifts. To the eye, Kamden's rocks were [...]

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Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Yesterday was a crazy one at school. I separated two young men who had THAT look in their eye that said somebody was about to get punched. Thus, I dissolved that situation with a brief, direct, and stern conversation with each one privately and made eye contact with them during passing periods. By the end [...]

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Sage Advice {middle school style}

Several weeks ago, the 6th grade social studies teacher I was working for returned after her 8-week maternity leave. The next day, I moved to a 7th grade language arts classroom for another teacher's maternity leave. A few days after this new assignment began, Mrs.S sent me an email with her newborn's picture to share [...]

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