Awards Day at The Little Gym

It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since Kamden started going to The Little Gym! What happened to my chunky monkey? He's now a little boy. Before the awards presentation, Kamden and his Birds buddies got to show off the skills they've been learning to friends and family. Kamden loves using the P (parallel) Bars to [...]

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Kamden Meets Santa Claus

Mini Man Child (aka Kamden) met Santa Claus this weekend at a special event held at The Little Gym in Burleson. The two hit it off and no tears or emotions were wrecked by either party. Honestly, as long as Husband and I were within eyesight, Kamden didn't care whether or not he and the [...]

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More Fun at The Little Gym

Once a week, Kamden and I visit The Little Gym for an hour-long class. We've been attending these classes since June, when Kamden was six months old. I have seen major progress in his social and physical development and, if I'm being completely transparent, it's been nice (socially) for Mommy to be with other adults too! Now that [...]

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Nana C and Kamden at The Little Gym

We had the most pleasant surprise Monday: Nana C (my mom) arrived! That's right, she drove 14 hours to see her most favorite grandson (her only), most favorite son-in-law (her only), and most favorite daughter (her only). Actually, she could not have shown up at a more perfect time. I was at my OB's office [...]

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Fun at The Little Gym

Kamden's first summer has been full of adventure and new experiences ... and it's just the second week of June! Two weeks ago, we attended a complimentary class at The Little Gym in Burleson. I was skeptical at first, being Kamden is just five (almost six) months old, but I soon realized its benefits, especially [...]

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