A Self-Interview for Texas Women Bloggers

In a few weeks, I'm attending a Texas Women Bloggers event. This has been on my radar for quite some time and I'm really looking forward to getting dressed up for a "night on the town" and hanging with some of the sweetest women on the planet, eat a great meal, and enjoy some girl [...]

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Mama Monday // Grandparents, Football, Essential Oils, and Monkey Business

1. In case you missed my post for Grandparents' Day, you should definitely check it out. 2. Fellow blogger and knitting extraordinaire, Jennifer, sent Kamden two adorable hats she made from scratch. I'm trying to get photos she can use on her website, but Kamden is not cooperating. He's not a fan of photo sessions seconds before [...]

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Pure Barre with DFW Bloggers

All photos were provided by Kelly Olivares Photography. Today I'm excited to share with you a recent experience I had at Pure Barre in Fort Worth. If you are not familiar with this type of exercise regimen, it combines ballet, Pilates, weight and resistance training, and core strengthening while also incorporating mental benefits of yoga [...]

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Sweet Tea Social

If we were on my front porch drinking sweet tea, I'd tell you ... ... I'm drinking decaf unsweet tea with fresh lemon slices instead. ... I wish more people would comment on this Q&A post. C'mon people, isn't there something you want to know about/from me?! ... I had a blast at Kirsten's photo [...]

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Front Porch + Sweet Tea

Happy Monday! I am really excited about this post for several reasons: 1) it involves sweet tea (figuratively speaking); 2) I am officially an ambassador for Texas Women Bloggers representing the Prairies + Lakes Region; and 3) it's just plain fun to sit on our front porch with a Mason jar full of sweet tea [...]

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