What I'm Reading

I get asked quite often about the huge bag or backpack I'm always seen carrying around church so I thought I would share its contents ... as well as some articles I've read from the inter-webs. It's safe to say I've been in a blogging "slump" and haven't posted much recently, but that doesn't mean I haven't thought [...]

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I can sum up my trip to Israel in one word: SABABA. It's a Hebrew term meaning awesome, cool, great, no problem, all right, or having fun. Sababa can also be a way of life, similar to HAKUNA MATATA. To solidify this, I found a store with the same name while on a walk-about near [...]

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God’s Heart Broke First

My heart was not the first to break when I learned of the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. I was not the first person to cry or get angry either. I cannot imagine the insurmountable pain that families and friends of victims are facing in these difficult times. I think God's heart was the first [...]

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