Fall Mantel Decorated with Pumpkins and Family Heirlooms

Let me begin with the following disclaimer: I am NOT an interior decorator. I think our home is decorated in a traditional sense but on a simple scale. Husband hates to see useless "day-core" sitting on a shelf or table and I don't like trying to arrange them in a semi-intelligent manner. Thus, our home [...]

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Five Favorite Finds

I didn't have a blog post previously prepared, but I've been collecting these links for a couple of days and thought I'd share them with you. Here are five things happening right now: 1. H&M ... when did this retailer exist online? I thought H&M was a brick-and-mortar store located in fancy-schmancy cities for fancy-schmancy [...]

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15 Reasons I Know I’m Pregnant

1. Feeling bad-ass doing Zumba but feeling like Bessie the Cow during the "cow pose" at yoga. Moooooo. 2. Nearly peeing my pants when I sneeze. 3. A positive pregnancy test. 4. Watching Teen Mom makes me feel better about myself. 5. Family members encourage/entertain me with Tweets like this: 6. Pinning everything baby-related. Do [...]

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a very Pinterest-ing Sunday Social

It's been a while since I've participated in the Sunday Social link-up with Neely but I couldn't say no to this week's Pinterest questions. By the way, do you follow me on Pinterest? What is your favorite outfit pin? Okay, granted my jeans aren't as tiny as the ones pictured above, and they don't have [...]

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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT … 12.12.12 Link-Up

Calling all bloggers ....... mark your calendar for Wednesday, December 12 and join the 12.12.12 Link-Up hosted by Yours Truly here at Three 31. The theme of your 12.12.12. post must focus on the number TWELVE (12). Be creative and original. Make a list. Make a collage. Share photos you've taken. Show off all those [...]

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POLITICAL FUNNIES (a guest post)

  I don’t know about you but I’m so over the politics -- debates and election -- of 2012. The commercials are on my nerves and November 6 can’t come soon enough. Politics are a private matter for me, and it's been that way since I started voting at age 18. The emotions coming from [...]

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{this & that}

Today, August 22, with heavy hearts and wonderful memories, my church family and I said goodbye to a dear friend. Dulce succumbed to her painful battle with cancer the same day she celebrated her 42nd birthday. She will be missed but I am comforted knowing she is no longer in pain. I will always cherish [...]

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get connected …… pretty please

When I'm not home being Husband's Wife or at school substitute teaching, I'm heavily involved at my church. In addition to attending the weekly worship service on Sundays and Wednesday night Bible study, I coordinate a book club (small group ministry), assist with outreach events (including mission trip leadership), and I'm also the editor of [...]

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