Weekend Shenanigans

Last Wednesday morning, our weekend plans looked like this: Thursday - a day-trip to Salado to visit a friend and her new baby Friday + Saturday - an overnight stay in East Texas with the in-laws/grandparents Sunday - church and dinner with Pastor and small group leaders Then, by Wednesday evening, our plans changed. If you have [...]

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I've lived in Texas almost 12 years and I finally experienced the Bluebonnet Festival in Ennis! The trip almost didn't happen between schedule conflicts and unpredictable weather on top of my seasonal allergies really bothering me. But, under clear skies, and the influence of Zyrtec, I had a really great time with Kamden and our 'Z' friends. We [...]

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Today, we're supposed to experience a 'heat wave' with temperatures in the mid-60s. So, to remember days (last week) gone past, I thought I'd share pics from Kamden's first steps in the snow. Unfortunately, going outside in the frozen tundra (dramatically speaking) meant dressing him like a homeless little red riding hood. Because we live in North [...]

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Finish This #52 // 2014 Review

I've waited 364 days to publish this post! This is the third year I've completed the annual YEAR IN REVIEW questionnaire ( 2012 and 2013 ) and I get so excited when other bloggers participate too. If this is the first time you're joining us, welcome. If you've done this questionnaire before, glad to see [...]

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KAMDEN // the first year in pictures

Last night, I put Kamden to bed as an 11-month-old infant. Today, he woke up a year old toddler. His birthday marks a significant milestone for us as a family of three and we celebrate a major accomplishment for breastfeeding exclusively for a year as well. We have a lot to celebrate, and we will through the weekend, [...]

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how to send the perfect card this Christmas

This post is sponsored by Minted.com, all opinions are my own. Since 2005, sending Christmas cards to family and friends has been an annual tradition of mine. I truly enjoy sitting down with my favorite pen and handwriting names and addresses on envelopes! Every year, around the first of November, I start looking at designs and [...]

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Our Punkin in the Pumpkin Patch

Last Monday, Kamden and I visited the church's pumpkin patch. As a mom, it was a rash decision but, as a blogger in desperate need of a fall-themed portrait for his monthly update post, it was an opportunity I couldn't resist. Kamden took his normal two-hour nap but the moment he opened his eyes, I scooped him out of bed, [...]

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Mama Monday // Grandparents, Football, Essential Oils, and Monkey Business

1. In case you missed my post for Grandparents' Day, you should definitely check it out. 2. Fellow blogger and knitting extraordinaire, Jennifer, sent Kamden two adorable hats she made from scratch. I'm trying to get photos she can use on her website, but Kamden is not cooperating. He's not a fan of photo sessions seconds before [...]

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Grandparents’ Day 2014

Blessed are those who spoil and snuggle, hug and hope, pray and pamper, boast and brag for they shall be called GRANDPARENTS. For Grandparents' Day, Kamden has a special message to send his Mammaw and Papaw, Nana C and Grandaddy, and his great-grandmothers, Neenie and Nana Rose: Okay, so he was a bit distracted by all the sights [...]

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Nana C and Kamden at The Little Gym

We had the most pleasant surprise Monday: Nana C (my mom) arrived! That's right, she drove 14 hours to see her most favorite grandson (her only), most favorite son-in-law (her only), and most favorite daughter (her only). Actually, she could not have shown up at a more perfect time. I was at my OB's office [...]

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