Today, we're supposed to experience a 'heat wave' with temperatures in the mid-60s. So, to remember days (last week) gone past, I thought I'd share pics from Kamden's first steps in the snow. Unfortunately, going outside in the frozen tundra (dramatically speaking) meant dressing him like a homeless little red riding hood. Because we live in North [...]

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my rant about water safety

It's been a tragic weekend on North Texas lakes: four people drowned. In *ONE* day, three people drowned on Joe Pool Lake in Arlington and another man drowned in Lake Lewisville after falling out of a boat. Emergency officials and specialized dive teams continue to search for a three-year-old who fell into a Greenville reservoir [...]

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We’re Safe!!!!! (tornadoes in North Texas)

  There's been a particular basketball tournament on for several weeks (the past 72 hours have been rather exciting for this Kentucky Wildcat fan, wink wink), and my attention has not been on the weather conditions in North Texas. Heck, I didn't even know we were under a severe thunderstorm warning - much less a [...]

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