You asked … I answer.

A while back, I opened up the blogging hotline to accept your most curious and burning questions. As promised, here's an answer to every question .... here we go! LINDSEY asked ..... Was your pregnancy planned? Have you decided on a birth photographer? Great questions! Kamden was *NOT* planned. To say Husband and I were [...]

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Refrigerator Knows Best

What does your refrigerator say about you? Since I can remember, the fridge has been a bulletin board of sorts. Growing up, my Dad worked insanely crazy rotating schedules at the coal mine, but he kept a calendar on the fridge so Mom and I would know if he was coming or going. Seriously, his [...]

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I’m baaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!

Did y'all miss me?! I've been in Haiti driving tap-taps (not really, but I got to ride in the back of one), sweating like crazy, and pushing wheelbarrows of dirt and base rock for a church foundation in Leveque. I'm glad to report that since I arrived home, I've taken 4 showers, soaked in the [...]

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I am 100-percent, unequivocally, wholly, and shamefully responsible for the unsustainable pace I've set forth in my life. Last Tuesday, I had a revelation. It was painful and affirming just the same. Until that miserable conversation, I had been (for lack of better terms) wearing blinders. The relationship that I should have been holding in the highest regard, the one [...]

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Great Day of Service

How's your Saturday going? Mine started extra early but I participated in the 2012 Great Day of Service. Nine people, including three youth, representing the First United Methodist Church in Joshua, traveled to Fort Worth for a brief worship service and orientation session, then traveled to the first project site. Our supply buckets included paint [...]

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{ tears in tennessee }

Each time I pull out of my parent's driveway, I cry big alligator tears from Sebree, Kentucky until I hit the state line near Union City, Tennessee -  about 150 miles. Those 2-3 hours give me plenty of time to get all that emotional crap out of my system. No matter how many times I [...]

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Mission Trip ~ Project Updates

This is the first post I've done since traveling to southeast Kentucky for a mission trip. I am responsible for the team's blog and it has been my priority this week, but I stayed up late last night to prep this post for my personal blog. After all, I really appreciate all of my blog [...]

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{ eastbound }

I could have slept in this morning, but my internal clock did what it normally does and I was wide-awake at 5:36. An hour later, I gave up the battle and let Husband sleep in peace without my constant tossing and turning. I marinated chicken for supper, folded a load of towels, and read a [...]

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