Favorite Pregnancy Products

The Inter-Webs are full of list of essential products and pregnancy must-haves. Frankly, they can be just as overwhelming as walking into Babies R'Us for the first time -- as was the case for Husband a few weeks ago. I didn't know if he'd make it past the customer service desk, but I held his [...]

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Deployment to Afghanistan

In my family, cousins are close as siblings. Even though I am the only granddaughter on both sides, I am in pretty amazing company with the grandsons. On my mother's side, there is Brian (24) and Noah (12). I wouldn't trade either of them for the world, but Brian and I have had our moments. [...]

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Big City Tales (a link up for the Blogger Book Swap)

This link up was really difficult for me. First of all, I can be am the most frustrating, indecisive person on the planet and it drives Husband crazy. Trying to decide what book(s) to share today was impossible. I cannot choose just one, so I chose four! Since it is the first weekend of May, [...]

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10 Reasons I Love My Dad

To all y'all fathers out there, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!! Because I did *this* for Mom a few months ago ... because I'm my father's favorite { and only } ... and, because I did not send him a father's day card, I offer the following to him and hope the rest of you enjoy it. [...]

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Fillies, Lilies, and Pink

Today, like most days, I am in Texas. And, like most days, I wish I were in Kentucky. Because today, if I were in Kentucky, I would be at Churchill Downs wearing pink (my nails are painted a ridiculous shade of *PINK*, does that count?!?!), sipping an Oaks Lily® (alcohol, for some unknown reason, is [...]

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the effect of a post about dress alterations

In order for this post to make sense, you should read this. Go ahead, I'll wait. { waiting } Now that you've read about my trip to the bridal boutique, and the alterations involved, I have an announcement: I won't be wearing the dress as a bridesmaid. Maybe you didn't catch that, let me rephrase: [...]

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