Handwriting Day + Kamden’s Legacy Bible

It's been a while since I've celebrated National Handwriting Day so I thought what better way than by sharing my first entry in Kamden's Legacy Bible! If you are interested in DaySpring's Illustrating Bible with super-duper wide margins and fabulous paper quality, get on the pre-order list NOW because it will be restocked in February! [...]

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Summer 2018: My Old Kentucky Home

Kamden and I just returned from another fabulous trip to Kentucky for a family reunion. We had a wonderful time and Kamden continues to be an amazing traveler. On our last flight, he complained of the loud noise (we were seated in the very back of the plane) so this trip Husband treated us by [...]

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Summer 2017

Because my to-do list continues to grow. Because my productivity level is waning. Because cancer sucks. Because I haven't published a legitimate blog post in forever. Because life is crazy and I'm choosing to ignore all the pertinent things to address insignificant ones, I'm writing this blog post. Here's a recap of our Summer: JUNE [...]

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Weekend Shenanigans

Last Wednesday morning, our weekend plans looked like this: Thursday - a day-trip to Salado to visit a friend and her new baby Friday + Saturday - an overnight stay in East Texas with the in-laws/grandparents Sunday - church and dinner with Pastor and small group leaders Then, by Wednesday evening, our plans changed. If you have [...]

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Kamden's First Haircut

Let the season of firsts begin ... Kamden got his hair cut yesterday! I took him to Cool Cuts 4 Kids in Fort Worth and I'm glad we splurged for his first haircut. The salon is definitely designed for young children with bright colors, lots of toys, and TVs at each station. Speaking of chairs, they [...]

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First Day of School // JUMPS Toddler 1 Room

Kamden has officially started pre-school. One of the perks of being at church so often, serving on teams, and leading small group classes is having access to the building so I can take pictures of Kamden's classroom when it's empty and quiet. Believe me, this scene doesn't happen often. Kamden has his own cubby and shelf [...]

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Kamden: 18 Month Update & Summer Bucket List

Sigh. My baby boy turned chunky monkey is now a mini man. How did he get to be 18 months old so quickly? Where did time go? Kamden has gone from this ... To this ... And this ... And now this ... GROWING // Kamden weighs 26lbs and stands 33.5 inches tall. EATING // Kamden has [...]

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Awards Day at The Little Gym

It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since Kamden started going to The Little Gym! What happened to my chunky monkey? He's now a little boy. Before the awards presentation, Kamden and his Birds buddies got to show off the skills they've been learning to friends and family. Kamden loves using the P (parallel) Bars to [...]

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Today, we're supposed to experience a 'heat wave' with temperatures in the mid-60s. So, to remember days (last week) gone past, I thought I'd share pics from Kamden's first steps in the snow. Unfortunately, going outside in the frozen tundra (dramatically speaking) meant dressing him like a homeless little red riding hood. Because we live in North [...]

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