Lovely Ladies | my first “real” photo shoot

Last Sunday, I was approached by a parent in a desperate situation. His daughter, plus five of her friends, scheduled a photo shoot together but the photographer cancelled. They needed somebody with a camera. I said yes (because that's what people who can't say no do) and agreed to take pictures. I called a friend who's a professional [...]

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My Kinda Party | Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan concert

Go ahead and be jealous. Saturday night, I was the "adult chaperone" for four young ladies at the Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan concert at Gexa Pavilion in Dallas. It was Jamie's mother's 50th birthday and she wanted to celebrate with a quiet dinner at her favorite restaurant instead of a loud-and-rowdy country music concert. [...]

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{ a few random things }

This week, I'm volunteering in the church office while the staff person is on vacation. So far, I've answered a few phone calls and provided three families with meals from the food pantry. By doing this, I've had a distraction-free workplace and been able to format the church's monthly newsletter and work on personal blog [...]

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Boom. Boom. Pow. (our visit to the range)

It's pretty obvious I'm a country girl. I go barefoot more than I wear shoes. I'm not afraid of sweat and hard work. I drink my iced tea sweet and Jason Aldean is my boyfriend, I mean a good singer. I also like shooting firearms. Now, before we get all technical, I haven't a clue [...]

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my speakers are going boom-boom {what’s playin’ on my stereo}

Ashley (at Steel Magnolias & Sweet Tea) recently posted a list of her current favorite tunes. She inspired me to create my own, which coincidentally, is very similar. We might be sweet-tea-drinking-sisters-from-another-mother because our taste in music and sweet liquid beverages is finer than frog hair. I love getting in the car, turning on the [...]

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