DIY Toner for Acne-Prone Skin // #Homemade #EssentialOils #ClearSkin

I am not a beauty blogger. I'm not even a beauty blogger wannabe. But I am someone who's got acne-prone skin (blemishes and pimples are not my friends) and desperate for relief without spending a fortune on skincare products. Spending money on myself is not high on the priority list and I'm not fully convinced that essential oils are as [...]

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Braxton Hicks

I'm not a hypochondriac, but I'm diagnosing myself as having Braxton Hicks contractions this morning. While they weren't exactly painful, they were very uncomfortable. Every morning this week, I've been awake by 6:30 or 7:00. I've gotten up to use the bathroom, but returned to bed in hopes of going back to sleep. I'm grateful [...]

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Chunky Monkey

I've reached the point in pregnancy (29 weeks) when I see my OB doctor every other week and I had an appointment today. I'm not feeling well due to seasonal allergies and I had also prepared myself for a weight gain (considering my recent trip to Kentucky included vegan chocolate cake, Mom's home-cooking, and very [...]

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Baby Bump // 23 weeks

I said at the beginning of this pregnancy that I would not share pictures of my baby bump. I'm a liar because a picture of my belly is about to fill your screen. Oh. My. Stars. Baby Kamden, we're both growing beautifully but I've yet to feel you move. The Good Doctor assures me you're [...]

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