Finish This #71

  I like eggs ... scrambled with cheese or in baked goods. I do NOT like deviled eggs or hard-boiled eggs or pieces of egg in anything. Yuck!!!!!!!! Just the thought of those rubbery white pieces of egg makes me want to gag. I think I'm going to barf now. Bloggers, please add your post to [...]

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Finish This #70

  For breakfast this morning I ate ... nothing. Every Wednesday morning, before Bible study, I go to the gym to get measured and weighed. It's not exactly the world's worst thing that happens to me on a regular basis, but it's not the most pleasant either. But, as soon as we get to Bible study, [...]

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I Remember My Nannie // Finish This #69

  The thing I remember most about my great-grandmother is ... Oh gosh, there are so many things I remember about Nannie, my paternal great-grandmother. She owned and operated the original Edwards Florist in Sebree, Kentucky and had the greenest thumb of anybody I've ever met. She had hydrangea blooms bigger than your head, delicate [...]

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Finish This #68

  My most recent splurge purchase for myself was ... a box of Crayola twistable colored pencils, alphabet stickers, stamps and ink pads, and gel pens for my Journaling Bible. I think I spent less than $25 but I got a cart full of stuff thanks to clearance pricing, a coupon in the Sunday paper, [...]

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Finish This #67

  I have a first date and we ... Well, first of all, let's presume this isn't a blind date and I know who I'm meeting because, let's face it, ain't nobody got time for surprises with strangers. Date Guy would come to my house, complement my t-shirt, jeans, and cap, and then he'd help me [...]

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Finish This #66

  Things I miss about being a kid ... not paying bills. Thanks to Husband's great job and savvy financial skills, we're secure and fine. But I still worry about the what-ifs and sigh every time I see a bill in the mailbox. Didn't I just pay that damn thing?! running through sprinklers, drinking water [...]

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Finish This #65

  Everything I'm thinking about right now ... I feel like this link-up is slowly (quickly?) dying and most of the problem is me. It's 4:35am, I just changed Kamden's diaper and gave him a quick drink, and now I'm on the couch watching the monitor to make sure he goes back to sleep and typing [...]

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Finish This #64

  Spring is ... the perfect time for the University of Kentucky men's basketball team to win another national championship. #MarchMadness the perfect time to replace batteries in your smoke detectors and alarm clocks. the perfect time to visit friends and listen to them preach and share a meal in the middle of their living [...]

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Finish This #63

  Describe a room in your home (include pictures if you wish) ... After Christmas in 2010, Husband and I embarked on our first home remodeling project. What was supposed to be a two-week project in the master bathroom turned into a major ordeal and overhaul of not only the bathroom, but we also removed wood paneling [...]

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Finish This #62

  I have $250,000 to spend as I wish, so I purchase ... First, I'd tithe and give God what is His. And yes, there's a reason this is at the top of my list. Next, I'd invest $75,000 in our retirement fund(s). Actually, Husband is the finance-genius in our relationship, along with our financial advisor, [...]

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