2016 Word of the Year: BALANCE

If you have followed this blog for any length of time, you know I'm a big fan of goals. You can read my 2016 Resolutions list here. I've never selected a word to focus on but one came to me this morning and it was as if God himself whispered the word. I was busy, trying to multi-task when [...]

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Kamden in Kentucky [Thanksgiving 2015]

My heart was set on an Advent devotional series throughout the month of December but time got away from me so, instead, I will share some photos I took of Kamden with Yaya and Grandaddy in Kentucky and reconsider my blog schedule through the rest of the year. Yaya is the Greek word for "Nana" and is pronounced [...]

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Weekend Shenanigans

Last Wednesday morning, our weekend plans looked like this: Thursday - a day-trip to Salado to visit a friend and her new baby Friday + Saturday - an overnight stay in East Texas with the in-laws/grandparents Sunday - church and dinner with Pastor and small group leaders Then, by Wednesday evening, our plans changed. If you have [...]

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The Golden Egg // Easter 2015

Husband and I decided weeks ago that we would surprise his parents by spending Easter weekend with them in East Texas. We made good on that promise and Kamden got to experience his first Easter egg hunt in their backyard (along with the tradition of a prize *golden* egg) and we also went to church [...]

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Finish This #52 // 2014 Review

I've waited 364 days to publish this post! This is the third year I've completed the annual YEAR IN REVIEW questionnaire ( 2012 and 2013 ) and I get so excited when other bloggers participate too. If this is the first time you're joining us, welcome. If you've done this questionnaire before, glad to see [...]

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Kamden's Winter ONEderland 1st Birthday Party

Later this week, Friday to be exact, you will find me in the corner crying my eyes out because Kamden is one year old. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures from his Winter ONEderland party we hosted last weekend with our closest friends and family. Photos from Sticky9 made into a number one collage and [...]

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Eight. { Kamden’s Monthly Update }

Kamden is eight months old! I'm loving the current stage as he is in full "baby mode" experimenting with sound and noise and discovering his vocal chords; grabbing his toes; chewing on his fingers and toys; and exploring his home environment. His personality and social patterns are also developing. Like me, he is a very social [...]

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The parental units have arrived!!!!

I interrupt this program to bring you a very special announcement ...The Parental Units are in Texas!!!!!!!I snapped this photo Sunday night, aren't they adorable?!Mom and Dad are exhausted - a 13-hour drive will do that to you - but I'm so glad to have them here. I expected them Wednesday but they arrived Saturday [...]

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