Resolution Update // 2017 Results

Oh hello, 2017 resolutions. Can we ignore the fact that I've not hit the publish button since September 30 and my attempts to blog more often in 2017 fell pathetically short? Regardless, I refuse to let the year end without an official result post, so here we go: ORGANIZATION Use my Prayerful Planner every day WIN. [...]

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Resolution Update // August and September 2017

The first two weeks of August included more travel than I have done in the last two years combined. My Internet BFF, Lisa let me crash at her place in Virginia Beach one weekend and I was in North Dakota to attend Jenny's baby shower the second weekend. Sadly, September began with the death of a very close [...]

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Resolution Update // July 2017

Seven down, five to go. ORGANIZATION Use my Prayerful Planner every day I may not decorate its pages beautifully or write long, eloquent prayers every single day, but I love this planner and would be lost without it. Things are really busy at church (in the greatest possible Kingdom-building way possible) so keeping myself organized is [...]

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Resolution Update // May + June 2017

{ Photo from Unsplash } I'm halfway through 2017 and every day seems like it's going faster and faster. My intent to blog more often has fallen by the wayside. But, I've got six more months this year to try to turn the ship and actually accomplish some of the goals I set in January. [...]

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Resolution Update // April 2017

{ Photo from Unsplash } My intent to blog more often has not become a reality ... nothing like posting April's resolution update mid-May. I'll be honest, April was incredibly busy at church so my personal time was nonexistent. But the month of April was pretty awesome with collaborations with a local ministry partner to [...]

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Resolution Update // March 2017

{ photo courtesy of Unsplash } It's springtime in Texas, which means bluebonnets are blooming and severe weather is causing Yours Truly to sleep with her toddler because he hates thunderstorms and lightening. Today, March 31, 2017 is a special day in our house. Husband and I are celebrating our TENTH wedding anniversary!!!! Woo Hoo for a [...]

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Resolution Update // February 2017

{ photo courtesy of Unsplash } Two months down, ten more to go! ORGANIZATION Use my Prayerful Planner every day - The month of February on the planner/journal front has been inconsistent, plus I did not decorate or embellish any pages. It continues to be a staple in my daily organization and long-term planning, but no pretty handwriting [...]

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Resolution Update // January 2017

Once I shared my 2017 resolutions, I did not intend to select a particular word or phrase to focus on this year. But, as it happened, one was chosen for me. Once I saw this sign, it was confirmed. My word for 2017 is: { photo courtesy of Smallwood Home } I chose GATHER as my [...]

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2017 Resolutions

A new year means new beginnings, a new planner, and a new list of resolutions. I've been working on this list for about a week and I think it's a good mix of realistic, ambitious, and challenging goals for 2017. I am constantly inspired by others who make similar lists, particularly fellow 30-somethings, mothers of young [...]

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