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So I totally am a picky person when it comes to so many things. Such a purses, cases for my phone, etc…. and of course, I needed a new case for mine. All the cases I liked were either way out of my price range or just not available. I knew there were people who came up with ways to create your own and for cheap. And was I right!
I ran into a little site after doing some web searches called Mags Rags To Richesand found she had a tutorial there on making your own! Awesome. So I decided to finally give it a try.Her original post is found HERE and, of course, her photos look much better then mine. Sucky thing is, when you only rely on your phone as your only camera, then need to photograph your phone…what is a girl to do? I did the best I could using the webcam on my laptop, so I apologize ~ in advance ~ for the horrible pictures. Oh well, you get the gist of it.

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • iPhone
  • Scrapbook Paper {from Michaels}
  • Clear Backing Case
I then turned the paper over so the back was facing up and traced around my phone in the exact shape of the curves and all.
Next, I cut the paper with the scissors and put the paper inside the clear case to trace around where the back of the camera lens would be.
I tried to cut a circle but it was not working so well. I took Mag’s advice and cut a big square around the whole area.
Eh? It’s not too shabby for a first attempt. I may try and perfect the camera’s circle area since I have plenty of paper left {which by the way, only cost me 20-cents}. This project is cheap enough that I can afford to mess up and play around.
The best part —–> I can switch out the paper as often as I want and for any special occasion as well. How perfect is that?

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