Kamden and I have had a blast celebrating summer and enjoying a more relaxed schedule on days we want to stay home and be lazy or enjoy a day at the zoo and splash pad. But Kamden has also just completed Tiny Tot Fitness at Crowley’s Recreational Center. I saw an advertisement on Facebook and decided to explore the class for two reasons: 1) Kamden would enjoy it and 2) it would require me to keep my “less work, more play” commitment every Tuesday and Thursday. The cherry on top: it cost just $35 for 12 sessions!

The first class was a chaotic mess. I spoke with the instructor, Miss Stephanie, afterwards and she explained that only a handful of students were pre-registered but 25 showed up on day one! Believe me, the room was too small, there were way too many kids, and it was beyond chaotic!

But Miss Stephanie is a trooper and persevered … with lots of tiny tots following her! With a room full of toddlers and their parents, we all made it through the 45-minutes unharmed and worn out. I was impressed with Kamden’s downward dog yoga pose though!

After the initial hiccups, enrollment lowered to a much more manageable group for Miss Stephanie. Another CRC staff person helped with the younger kids. Each class featured a different set of activities for the kids to enjoy, including basketball, soccer, obstacle courses, and jump ropes. They also had a giant parachute that got the parents involved.

There was dancing …

And throwing a ball into a soccer net as hard you can wearing your swim attire and Superman socks.

Then, one morning, while driving down a county road, Kamden spotted a buffalo. Of course we had to stop and take an obligatory selfie with Mr. Buffalo in the background.

Last week was Kamden’s final class with Miss Stephanie and his Tiny Tot friends. After some dancing and playing, all of the students were recognized at an awards ceremony. Kamden received a certificate for completing the class and having perfect attendance as well as a tiny trophy, CRC backpack, and a personalized water bottle.

Husband took the day off to attend the awards ceremony with and it was the perfect opportunity to teach Kamden an important life lesson: if you start something, finish it. We’re proud of the kid for sticking with something that started off rocky and was not exactly what we expected. Nonetheless, Kamden enjoyed it. The instructors are incredible – Kamden developed a major crush on Miss Stephanie! – and we will definitely consider re-enrolling Kamden in a fun activity like this again.

If you have a tiny tot and live in the Burleson/Crowley/Joshua area, you should consider Tiny Tot Fitness at the Crowley Recreational Center! The next session begins Tuesday, September 4. One major improvement they’re making is separating the younger (2 year olds) from the 3-5 year olds with two separate classes. It’s amazing the difference that makes.

What have you enjoyed this summer? Tell me in a comment below!