Kamden and I just returned from another fabulous trip to Kentucky for a family reunion. We had a wonderful time and Kamden continues to be an amazing traveler. On our last flight, he complained of the loud noise (we were seated in the very back of the plane) so this trip Husband treated us by upgrading our seats and I packed a set of ear muffs typically used at the gun range. Kamden was a happy camper and practiced writing his letters and numbers en route to the Bluegrass State.

As soon as we arrived at Grandaddy’s and YaYa’s house, it took about 0.0003 seconds for Kamden to get on the Kawasaki Mule for a ride around the garden and over to Kaleb’s lake to feed the fish. Early the next morning, Kamden rode in the semi with Grandaddy and took a trailer load of corn to the grainery. I’m not sure who had a bigger smile or was more excited. Needless to say, Kamden punched his time card at Tapp Farms and solidified himself a full-time position with Kaleb and Kelby as soon as he’s tall enough to reach the gas pedals!

A trip to Kentucky wouldn’t be complete without fishing, farming, deer-searching, and visits with Neenie. She and her neighbors have lavishly spoiled the squirrels living in trees surrounding their apartment complex and Kamden got to refill their feeders. It’s always wonderful to visit with her and Kamden made sure he treated her to lunch while we were in town.

I had a big surprise for Kamden when we arrived in Louisville. For weeks I had secretly coordinated a play-date with our friends and former neighbors, Aaron and Nichole, who moved to Indianapolis a year ago. Kamden and I met Aaron and Jackson when the boys started The Little Gym way back in 2014. They were such chubby wubby rolly-polly chunky monkeys! Needless to say, when the boys saw each other, they were SO EXCITED and it was the sweetest reunion ever. They played. They laughed. They swam. They ate Cheetos. They argued. Swam some more. And then they cried when it was time for Aaron, Nichole, Jackson, and Connor to leave.

If you haven’t seen photos from Kamden’s first sleep over with Jackson, you must click here.

The whole reason for this trip to Kentucky was the Thompson family reunion. These occur every two years and it’s always great reconnecting with aunts, uncles, and cousins who live all over the country. Nana is #7 of 13 and now the oldest living sibling.

Can we pause for a moment of silence as it is physically impossible for 13 people to look at the same camera, with their eyes open, and a smile on their face for a decent photograph. In case you couldn’t figure it out, Kamden was NOT thrilled for another picture interrupting his play time!

If happiness means having crazy cousins, I am CRAZY blessed! Honestly, it’s a miracle from God that Brian (center, blue shirt) and I didn’t kill each other when we hit our tween years. We had to be separated a few times … no joke. Noah (right, red shirt) came along when I was a freshman in college and he starts his senior year of high school next week. WAHHH – where has the time gone?! I remember taking him as an infant to my dorm at Bellarmine University and showing him off to professors and roommates. Time flies!!

I know Nana is incredibly proud of us and we undoubtedly know we’re spoiled rotten and blessed beyond measure. Kamden is super stoked to have male relatives who act his age and love trucks and airplanes just as much as he does.

Happiness also means having crazy aunts and I’ve got the craziest in the world. We laugh. We love. We play cards. And we take selfies at stoplights on our way to lunch at Mussel & Burger Bar in Downtown Louisville. The CEO Burger with Gruyere Cheese, truffle aioli, caramelized onions, baby arugula and oven roasted tomatoes was DEEEEEEEEEEEEE lish. Their pomme frites (that’s a fancy way of naming hand cut French fries tossed with herbs) dipped in garlic aioli or smoked pineapple salsa ain’t shabby either. Every item on the menu is made in-house with the freshest ingredients. This is definitely a place worth returning to.

Georgia, Kathy, Kamden, Noah, and I spent a few hours at the Kentucky Science Center also in Downtown Louisville. Kamden was enthralled with the bubble station and probably would have stayed forever at the roller coaster exhibit or job site with building blocks, bolts, screws, and construction materials. Noah finally lured him towards the exit with a promise of getting back in Aunt Kathy’s swimming pool!

After three days at the farm and four days in the big city, Kamden was worn out by the time we boarded the plane and returned to Texas. The kid passed out just minutes after take-off and didn’t wake up until we landed at DFW Airport.

Thanks to all our friends and family for making our trip wonderful, we love you all and can’t wait to see you again real soon!