Summer 2017

Because my to-do list continues to grow. Because my productivity level is waning. Because cancer sucks. Because I haven’t published a legitimate blog post in forever. Because life is crazy and I’m choosing to ignore all the pertinent things to address insignificant ones, I’m writing this blog post.

Here’s a recap of our Summer:

JUNE // Summer doesn’t official start until you’ve got watermelon juice dripping off your chin while sitting on the tailgate of your Daddy’s truck.

Kamden and I were invited to a play-date where the kids made homemade play-doh. Mind you, the hostess was 8 months pregnant with her fourth child and there was flour and other random ingredients all over her kitchen floor. It smelled amazing since a few drops of essential oils were added to the mixture!

Kamden had to hug his best friend goodbye. Jackson and his family moved to Indianapolis. These two boys met at The Little Gym when they were seven months old and went to school together for two years.

My pastor, boss, dear friend, and one of the thorns in my side was ordained as an Elder in Full Connection in the Central Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church during Annual Conference. Say that 10 times fast.

YaYa came to visit and brought a bag of goodies, including new activity books with stickers and hidden pictures. Kamden also insisted we take her to Cabela’s to see tractors (because the one in our barn is not enough) and feed the fish.

We also took YaYa to the Fort Worth Zoo where we were all surprised to see TWO baby giraffes. Kamden is now an official card-carrying member too.

We attended our first Cleburne Railroader baseball game where Kamden met Spike, the mascot, and stood next to our family’s commemorative brick. He loved the baseball game so we’re planning to attend many games next summer and in years to come. Yes, his shoes are on the wrong feet.

JULY // We spent a portion of the Fourth of July weekend at Husband’s parent’s house in East Texas. Kamden and Daddy check the fishing conditions at the stock pond and indulge in donuts (with rainbow sprinkles).

Vacation Bible School (VBS) at our church continues to grow every year and Kamden was finally old enough to participate. This year’s theme was superheros and Spiderman made an appearance.

AUGUST // I spent the first weekend of August in Virginia Beach with family and friends for the wedding of Caitlin and Kaleb. They’ve been married less than a month and I’m ready for them to renew their vows so we can party like it’s 1999 again.

As soon as I learned the wedding would be in Virginia Beach, I told my longtime friend, former coworker, and Internet BFF that I would occupy her guest room for the weekend. Lisa and I go way back, 2007 actually, when we both worked for the same transportation company in marketing and business development. We’ve stayed in contact for a decade but this was the first time we met in person. My face still hurts from all the laughing and shenanigans – bunco at 1701, sunset cruises, lazy beach days, long bike rides, and lots of delicious seafood.

I cracked a tooth (molar) eating oysters. I should probably have it looked at but it doesn’t bother me and I forget about it until my tongue rubs against it. 

Mom and Dad and I toured the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk.

Even though I had access to Lisa’s vehicle, my new favorite form of transportation is by beach cruiser. Nearly every place I went in Virginia Beach, I rode this bicycle. Mom even joined us for a ride to the beach and a local hot-spot for a fruity beverage!

Two days after I got home from Virginia Beach, I got on another plane and flew to Bismarck, North Dakota. This trip was hush-hush because I wanted to surprise Jenny and attend her baby shower. If you didn’t catch my video on Facebook the moment I rang the doorbell, check it out here.

The plains of North Dakota are absolutely gorgeous. I had a couple of hours of free time while Jenny and her parents ran some errands so I took my time exploring the wide open spaces. I stopped on random dirt roads just to sit and take it the majestic views that reminded me of Psalm 19: “the heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”

Kamden started his third year at JUMPS and is in Miss Brenda’s classroom. He absolutely loves it and has become such an independent little mister.

I got to babysit this sweet bundle of cuteness for the day. Miss Annabelle’s sitter had a family emergency and I was more than happy to step in for her parents. She got to hang with me for the day in my office at church and I loved every second of it.

Several of us on staff at church made our highly elaborate and very technical eclipse viewers by punching a hole in a piece of paper. We’ll be in the optimal viewing area for the next total eclipse in 2024.

So that was our summer. I traveled more recently than I have in years but it feels good to be home. I even cancelled a trip to Kansas City at the end of September because I need to focus on being a mom and wife. I’ll head to Kentucky the first of November for another wedding.

Any highlights from your summer? Share them in the comments!


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