a pile of rocks

Kamden and I have been enjoying the beautiful weather by treasure hunting in the yard and driveway. After an hour of playful discovery and excavation, Kamden had a pile of rocks and placed each one on the porch rail. While Kamden examined his treasures, I remembered a recent Bible study lesson on spiritual gifts. To the eye, Kamden’s rocks were just ordinary stones. But to God, the Creator of all things, these rocks were made for a specific purpose. Yes, they are all rocks but each one has a unique size, color, shape, or texture.

Kamden’s rocks are like our God-given spiritual gifts:

  • Some rocks are more colorful than others. They might be exciting or sassy; a reminder that our exterior features are just a smidgen of who we are on the inside.
  • Bumpy rocks have weathered severe storms and survived difficult situations. They have “been there, done that, and got the t-shirt” life experiences!
  • Shiny rocks are few and far between but they stand out in a crowd. They are popular and enjoy the spotlight.
  • Small rocks fill in the gaps. They are willing to step in and help or complete the miniscule tasks. They prefer to stay in the shadows. Small rocks prove that small things make a big difference.
  • Other rocks are really smooth. They are soft, compassionate, and nurturing. Smooth rocks also go with the flow and let stress roll off their back. They are not phased by situations or circumstances.
  • Finally, there are big rocks. They offer support and stability. Need a high five? Get a big rock. Need help moving furniture? Your big rock has broad shoulders and probably drives a pick-up truck!

Last Friday evening, I chauffeured four teenage girls to a Christian music concert at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. While the girls and I enjoyed performances by Audio Adrenaline, Mandisa, Jeremy Camp, and The Newsboys, I couldn’t help but notice the large number of support staff working behind the scenes and in the shadows of the celebrities. Once again, the topic of spiritual gifts was on my mind and in my heart. From the moment we entered the parking garage until we exited four hours later, we had some form of interpersonal connectedness with police officers, parking attendants, security guards, ticket agents, concession employees, audio/visual technicians, stage equipment movers, an audience of 25,000 fans, and the performers themselves. All of us inside the AAC relied on these people to do their job or specific task. Because of them, my concert experience was memorable and wonderful. And I can assure you that every artist is grateful for their TEAM who helps them successfully perform without worrying about their attire, sound equipment, stage props, proper lighting, or travel arrangements!

Learning Spiritual Gifts by Rock Collecting

Whether you are a big rock shining in the spotlight or a tiny rock working diligently in the shadows, your spiritual gifts matter. In fact, God blessed you with specific gifts and talents to be used in order to fulfill His purposes on this earth. If your gifts are not used or shared, the world is seriously missing out! We are not all called to sing or perform on stage in a bright spotlight – thank goodness because the world would be dull and boring if we all had the same gifts and talents. Besides, this lesson on spiritual gifts is clear validation that God created us to be in community and relationship with one another – because together we are better for His glory!

Our spiritual gifts are to be practiced out of a heart of grace, humility, and faith. We are commissioned to discover what God has gifted us with and to use it for his glory and the benefit of the world. — Believe by Randy Frazee

If you are unsure of your spiritual gift(s), I encourage you to take this Spiritual Gift Assessment survey. It will take 10 minutes of your time and provide a wealth of information about your gifts, talents, and passions. When you’re done, ask God to guide you as to their use. He knows exactly where you are needed and when, if you will listen and obey his instructions. Who knows, you might be surprised to discover a gift you didn’t know you possessed!

After you’ve completed the Spiritual Gift Assessment, share your high and low categories in a comment. My top three are: Wisdom/Knowledge, Administration, and Teaching. My bottom three are: Evangelism, Giving, and Intercession (prayer).

Finally, thank ALL the rocks in your life – even the crazy and colorful ones!