Kamden had his first public performance last night at the annual J.U.M.P.S. Christmas program. He and his classmates have been practicing “Jingle Bells” since early October. All week he has been shaking his fists up and down whenever he’s hear a song on the radio or TV. I finally realized he’s been rehearsing songs every day at school. Let me tell you, Kamden did NOT disappoint! He started out a little shy, perhaps awestruck by the sheer volume of people in the sanctuary, but he found his groove.

Kamden - JUMPS Christmas Program-1

Husband and I were sitting in the fourth row and we could hear him say “Mama” and “Dada” during a brief pause between songs. Wearing reindeer antlers, a wristlet of bells, and a bell cut-out, he was the cutest thing ever.

Kamden - JUMPS Christmas Program-3

Then he finally caught a glimpse of Dada and got really excited – but he never stopped shaking his wrist to make the bells jingle.

Kamden - JUMPS Christmas Program-2

As quickly as the program began, it ended. Each class sang two Christmas songs before serenading the crowed with “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.” Then, in a sea of chaos, parents retrieved their child and we were dismissed.

Kamden - JUMPS Christmas Program-4

Prior to Kamden’s debut performance, Husband promised a fro-yo treat so we left as quickly as possible. The sanctuary was filled to capacity and traffic was a mess. There were multiple parked vehicles blocking exits so some drivers went over concrete medians to get out. I’m glad we didn’t stick around for refreshments!

Kamden - JUMPS Christmas Program-5

As if Kamden’s “Jingle Bells” wasn’t exciting enough for our Friday night, after fro-yo we went to Home Depot and bought a new washer and dryer. Happy birthday and Merry Christmas to Mama. Anybody want my used front-loader washer (it squeaks a little during the spin cycle) and dryer (works perfectly) with pedestals? I’ll make you a great deal!