Which ONE item would you say is the most important?
Honestly, all of our items are most important because they are all a means to an end. The “end” is funding more initiatives and helping more people. The sole purpose of our business is to change lives through the sales of our clothing. Without different items to appeal to different people, we wouldn’t have nearly enough sales to fund those initiatives. Therefore, all of our pieces of clothing and accessories are of equal importance to the mission of No One Without.

Can you provide a brief explanation of your business and work?
No One Without is a For Purpose fashion brand supporting non-profit partners through consumerism. No One Without empowers our customers to be advocates for change by choosing the organization that most moves them. In turn, No One Without gives 20% of their proceeds to the chosen organization.


We partner with organizations by setting up specific initiatives according to their needs. We then set up progress bars on our website so that fans can see how far we need to go on every initiative. Once we have met the initiative goal, we write a check to the organization.

Do you have a creative “oops” that you can share?
There are times with creative thinking when I’m so obsessed with thinking outside the box, I miss what’s right in front of me. From time to time, there’s something to be said for simple and the impact it can make.

What do you consider to be beautiful?
The question should be, what do I not consider to be beautiful. There’s so much beauty around us everywhere, even in the things the world considers ugly. We don’t have to put it in a frame, or declare it across the lands to see beauty. If we open our eyes to the things around us, it’ll pop up in almost every situation. That’s when the fun REALLY begins!

Are you self-taught or did you have a mentor that showed you the ropes?
If we really dig deep, is there really such thing as “self-taught”? Even if we don’t identify specific names of mentors, we learn from books, from programs… from people who went before us. There’s nothing better than learning from people with more knowledge than me. At No One Without, we relish in the opportunity to learn new things from people who have already been down the road we’re on. Why re-invent the wheel when you can just improve upon beautiful things people have already tried.

When did you decide to open your business?
No One Without began in 2010

Have you ever found yourself in a “creative funk”, and, if so, how did you get yourself out?
There’s always the possibility of a creative funk. That’s what being creative means. Sometimes the creativity runs out for a second. That’s where the beauty in the world we already discussed, and all those brilliant mentors we mentioned come in. We run ideas by people, grab inspiration from the world around us and above all else.. ASK FOR HELP! We’re never afraid to say we  might need a new suggestion from people who are close to us.

You have many creative outlets, which provide you with the most satisfaction?
Personally, dance will always be my one outlet that makes me the most happy. I fell in love with dance many moons ago. It has gotten me through many bad days, many illnesses, many failed relationships, and still remains. My body ages, spreads out, and breaks down with every passing day, but I still find ways to dance. Even if it’s just rocking out in my living room.

What is ONE lasting impression you want to leave in your work?
CHANGE… We want to change lives, change the way businesses do their business, change how young people will build their new businesses in the future, and GIVE BACK every chance we get.

Do you have any special plans for 2012 that you would like to share?
Fund initiatives, change lives, love people, work harder, be stronger, help others become stronger, praise God for all his blessings more every day, and be a person little girls look up to.

You are writing “A Creative Bible,” what are 5 verses (things to remember) you’d include:

  1. You have to laugh at yourself, even when you think you might lose your mind.
  2. Never lose your capacity to love. The love will see you through the temporary sanity lapse.
  3. Constantly further your knowledge. Research new things, meet new people, read anything you can get your hands on.
  4. Eat peanut butter with a spoon.
  5. Dance every time you hear a beat.

Thank you, Kelli for sharing your story and passion to spark change and impact the lives of others. As a reminder to Three-31 readers, for every product sold at N.O.W., a life is impacted. Make a difference! Make a choice! Make an impact!

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