Reality is sinking in and I’m scared, excited, thrilled, overwhelmed, anxious, and every emotion imaginable! I realized — while visiting Kentucky for two baby showers — that Baby Kamden is due in 12 weeks. Y’all, I said TWELVE WEEKS! It’s insane to think how quickly time has gone.

How far along?:  28 weeks (only three more months!!!!)

Total weight gain/loss: 15 pounds LOST.

The Baby Bump: I definitely have a bump now! Please excuse the no-makeup look, it’s not catching. My belly’s so big, my boobs look small. That’s a strange thing for me to say!

28 weeks SMALL

Maternity Clothes:  Due to my weight loss, some of my pre-pregnancy clothes still fit. I’ve bought maternity shorts and jeans from Motherhood Maternity and Old Navy maternity tops. My favorite items are the Old Navy tank tops, They’re long enough to cover my belly (and stretchy material on maternity shorts/pants) and the side elastic panels are perfect for my growing belly!

Gender:  Baby K is a BOY and his name is Kamden Alan. I’m beyond excited to be the mother of Husband’s son. His name came from my parents, who were going to name me Camden Alan if I were a boy (and I almost became Camden Marie but Dad preferred Nicole). We changed the spelling so Kamden would have the same initials as Husband. Alan is also my Dad’s middle name.

What I’m looking forward to:  Getting the nursery furniture assembled, organizing his closet, and hanging the window treatments. Yes, I know I’ve been talking about hanging new curtains and rods for months, but it’s really going to happen.

Worst Moments:  I can only explain them as “growing pains” in my abdomen. Obviously, it’s my skin stretching and organs moving around to accommodate our growing baby!

Best Moments:  There have been several —– 1) finding out Baby K was a boy; 2) feeling Kamden move for the first time; and 3) traveling to Kentucky for baby showers. Also in Kentucky, I finally got to meet the two newest members of my family, they’re both third cousins.

third cousins

Missing anything:  The State Fair of Texas is going on right now and I’d really like a lemonade and Fletcher’s corny dog. Husband went to the gun range without me and I didn’t shoot while in Kentucky either, but Kamden’s development (especially his hearing) is more important than me “throwing” lead down range.

Cravings: Water. I am thirsty all the time and want ice-cold water.

Symptoms:  None …. I know, I’m extremely fortunate!

Sleep: Comes and goes. Some nights I sleep without interruption, while other nights I’m up three or four times to use the bathroom. I’ve also had some nights with insomnia where Husband finds me in the living room, usually on the couch reading.

Memorable Dreams: I dreamed that I was at home and my water broke. Then I woke up realizing I had to pee, but I was scared to get out of bed — afraid that my dream might be real!!!

Movement:  I FINALLY FELT KAMDEN MOVE!!!! It was the same day college football started (August 29) and I think Kamden sensed how excited I was.

Names:  Kamden Alan

Nursery progress:  Kamden’s room has been cleaned … but that’s it. The furniture is still in its shipping boxes leaning against the dining room table. My aunts and Nana bought me a glider/rocker chair and we’re waiting for it to arrive at Babies R’Us. The to-do list: assemble furniture, organize closet, hang curtain rods and panels, find a floor lamp, and decorate.

Milestones:  I’ve successfully passed two glucose tests and my blood pressure is perfect. The day after voicing concerns to my doctor about Kamden’s movements, I felt him move. He’s been non-stop ever since! I began using stretch mark cream on my belly every night before bed. I also selected our birth photographer.

Expected Due Date: Sunday, December 22. I have a feeling he’ll arrive early.

Goals for 3rd trimester:  1) Exercise; 2) Finish nursery to-do list; 3) Prepare meals to store in the freezer; 4) Buy last-minute items; and 5) Enjoy the last trimester!

The content of this post was inspired by Hello Bee.