Resolutions Update { March }

What a month it has been ….. check out my progress in March:

Join the fun and post your resolutions by adding a link to the bottom of the page.

In 2012, I will …….

  • have 500 or more email subscribers to Three 31
  • drink more water
  • continue book club   I have a confession: I haven’t read the book we are discussing in April. I have six days to finish a novel. I better get my butt in gear. Pronto!
  • eat vegetarian (no meat) one day a week
  • read at least 30 books + 12 with book club   I’m working on it – promise!
  • purchase an e-reader     Husband purchased me a Kindle Touch for Valentine’s Day ….. and I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE this thing!!!!!
  • participate in 52 Letters, 52 Weeks   This is going well, I’m sending at least one letter a week.
  • purchase really nice stationery set and writing pens
  • make 10 new friends
  • do laundry more often (instead of letting it stack up and doing multiple loads)   A work in progress.
  • feel comfortable pulling a trailer   I drove the church’s van pulling a 14-foot trailer when the mission team and I went to southeast Kentucky. I did awesome!!!!!
  • go to a drive-in movie
  • purchase an external hard-drive and organize our digital photos
  • participate in photography classes     Invited by Brandy @ BellaPop to participate in her first-ever online photography class, it’s going well.
  • learn to edit photos in Adobe Photoshop
  • take a photo worthy of hanging on a wall
  • purchase a tripod, lens filters, and a 50mm lens
  • take pictures for someone
  • mission trip to Haiti  co-leading a team in October
  • mission trip to Appalachia Region in Kentucky  Went to the Henderson Settlement in Frakes, Kentucky (March 10-17, 2012) on a mission trip. Click HERE for details.
  • do/create something inspired by Pinterest every month  In January, I made this. In February, I learned to do this – YUM! In March, I’ve written in article for a friend who’s incorporating Pinterest into her ministry … stay tuned for details on this!
  • see a performance at Bass Hall in Fort Worth
  • write at least one freelance article
  • be published somewhere (other than my blog) My DIY wreath was published at on January 23. An article I wrote about the KY Mission Team was published on March 27 in The Sebree Banner (a newspaper in KY).
  • get new eyeglass frames  I went to the eye doctor and got new contacts on January 16.
  • host a Game Night
  • celebrate our 5th anniversary by doing something ( anything! ) I wrote this blog post for our anniversary on March 31. We celebrated our wedded bliss by doing our own things: Husband went to an auction and I stayed home to edit photos from the mission trip. It was a fine day for the Kentucky Wildcats though, they advance to the championship game to be played April 2. GO CATS!
  • sell something at auction
  • buy something at auction
  • attend a professional athletic event
  • improve my calligraphy skills
  • support the United States Postal Service by mailing more cards (see 52 Letters, 52 Weeks)
  • go hunting
  • go fishing
  • swim in an ocean
  • host at least three (3) sponsored giveaways   Vicki at Curly Willow Collections provided this collection of custom greeting cards (giveaway ended March 25 – congrats to Jan Elmore) and Brandy at Bella Pop provided a “seat” at one an online photography class (giveaway ended March 31 – congrats Diane Collins).
  • get a new couch  New furniture arrived (YAY!!!!) but living room is still not arranged like I want it. Yet. It will happen. Promise!!!
  • finish the headboard for guest bedroom (use an old window frame, then sand, paint, and attach to wall)
  • host at least three (3) dinner parties
  • co-chair Lord’s Acre (a fundraiser at church)
  • plan a DIY craft party   I hosted a DIY party at my church on January 21. I’m planning another craft party and luncheon in April.
  • tithe more
  • save more
  • eat a raw oyster (and not die)
  • eat a Rocky Mountain Oyster (and not die)
  • volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
  • babysit for a friend
  • make a new resolution every month (see below)

Monthly Resolutions

January — no soft drinks SUCCESS!!!!!
February —
journal every night  I wrote in my journal 24 of 29 days in February, I’d call that “somewhat” successful.and drink only water during the day  EPIC FAILURE – ’nuff said. Blah.
March —
post to my blog at least four (4) days per week  Somewhat successful, but remember: I posted multiple times during the trip to KY for the mission team’s blog. That counts for something, right?!  and prepare a story board for the novel I want to write  I purchased a tri-fold board and package of 200 small Post-It notes to begin my novel’s storyboard. I have also began typing a manuscript, I have 15,000 words already. I think that constitutes opening a bottle of Cupcake Moscato and toasting with a big wah-hooo!!!!!!!
April — 
schedule a trip to Kentucky (Derby anyone?) and detail my car
May —

June —

July —

August —

September —

October —

November —

December —

Do you have any resolutions this year? Share your blog post or add a comment below.

If the Mayans were right, make 2012 the best yet and join the fun!!!!!

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  3. Hello. You are the winner of one of our cutey charm bracelets. Please log onto their site and pick out the one you went. Send us an e-mail with your choice, your name and address and we will get it sent off to you. Congratulations

    • Nicole April 2, 2012 at 7:42 pm - Reply

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