The month of October went by like a blur mostly because my life has been a chaotic circus of rain cancellations in Pumpkin Patch, shenanigans with Kamden, and trying to find the motivation to finish as much of this list before the end of the year. I’ve already created my 2019 goals and I’ve considered (more than once, mind you) to scrap this and wait for January. But, alas, I’m not a quitter. So finish I will … let’s see what all I didn’t do this month! Sigh. ūüėź


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Write a series on Women of the Bible
Publish Thursday Tidbits, a weekly blog post with links to articles, recipes, news reports, and anything else I find that might be fascinating or useless or helpful or funny or enlightening to others Check for October, despite a technical glitch that delayed a post!


Read the Bible in a year (again … with my favorite¬†plan) Still behind but I will catch up!
Continue monthly tithe to church ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ) Ten down, two to go.
Facilitate a Bible study for women and mothers¬†Seamless¬†concluded October 10 and the ladies absolutely LOVED it, just like I knew they would! They’re so excited to continue diving into Scripture that they decided to take an even deeper plunge into contextual (inductive) study in The Book of Philippians. I was shocked and ecstatic when the group made the unanimous decision to start IF:Rooted in the Word. It’s a study unlike anything most people ever do or read because it takes time, discipline, and lots and lots of reading. Actually, with inductive study, you dissect Scripture, examine its pieces, then put it all back together. I am over-the-moon that God has given me a front row seat to see Him transform the hearts and minds of these women. Can you tell I’m excited about this?!


Get to know our neighbors 
Gather with girlfriends every quarter ( 1 2 3 4 )
Serve on a mission trip
Invest in Britton Z.
Invest in Courtney F.
Invest in Emily F.
Invest in Makenna K.
Invest in Kirsten Z.
Donate clothes, books, and household items to someone in need or local resale shop
Donate something to be sold at Lord’s Acre (homemade dog biscuits, jelly, etc.)
Send greeting cards via snail mail¬†Sent a note of gratitude to a lady in Terrell, Texas (30 miles east of Dallas) who saw the church’s Pumpkin Patch on the news and generously sent us a check to support local ministries.¬†


Execute our wills
Attend five Cleburne Railroader baseball games ( 1 2 3 4 5 )
Visit the Fort Worth Zoo once a month, more during summer months 
Staycation to Great Wolf Lodge
Mommy & Kamden “date” ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 )¬†Kamden and I went to early worship one Sunday and then had a mini day date at the Fort Worth Zoo. The weather was nice, it wasn’t crowded, and we saw several animals we don’t normally see out and about.
Mommy-and-Me photos for Mother’s Day
Obtain a library card for Kamden
Take Kamden fishing on a big lake
Take Kamden turkey or deer hunting
Clean out every closet and junk drawer in the house
Host Lisa in our home
Host a game night
Make homemade salsa
Purchase a new dining room table (four-post, farmhouse style) and chairs


Clean out my inbox once and for all
Drink 50 ounces of water every day I am definitely drinking more water these days, probably more than 50ozs.
Take a daily multivitamin and probiotic¬†I had my annual well-woman exam October 10 and the doctor orders a blood draw. The results of that showed my Vitamin D level is low and my LDL cholesterol is a bit elevated. I’ve resumed taking the same prenatal multivitamins and supplements I took while pregnant, as well as a daily probiotic.¬†
Read 5 books ( 1 2 3 4 5 )
Spend 10 minutes a day in solitude for prayer and meditation (no phone, no Internet, no distractions)
Save $300 each month ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ) Check.
Prepare one new dish a month ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 )
Make the perfect homemade cinnamon rolls
Splurge on a mani or spa facial  ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 )
Host a dinner party
Attend a concert
Fill my gratitude jar with these heart-shaped tags
Stop picking at my face


Host staff lunch in my home once a quarter ( 1 2 3 4 ) .
Attend two (2) professional development events
Coordinate two #LoveThe558 service days #ServeJoshua was Saturday, October 27 and a major success for the City of Joshua and its residents. We had more than 100 servants working around the community picking up roadside trash, constructing a porch, rebuilding a wheelchair ramp, replacing a fence, and working in Pumpkin Patch on the busiest day we’ve been open. It was an incredible day and I’m always impressed how the congregation of FUMC Joshua will show up to serve neighbors and glorify God.
Host a conference RELATE, with Lisa Schwarz on Saturday, June 2. 
Change the felt letter board in my office at least once a week¬†Hey, I found this felt board! But I haven’t changed the letters so that’s depressing.
Create an Instagram account for the church
Create a new logo


Visit Lisa, John, and Diesel (Virginia Beach, Virginia)
Visit Mark, Jenny, and Levi (Ashley, North Dakota)
Visit Heather in Houston
Attend the Farm Machinery Show (Louisville, KY) CHECK – February 14-17 (read all about it here)
Attend the Women of Joy conference (San Antonio, TX)¬†CHECK – October 5-7. Mom flew in from Kentucky, Jenny flew in from North Dakota, and Heather drove up from Houston for a weekend of reconnecting, spiritual renewal, and friendly rivalries around a deck of cards. I always look forward to this weekend with my nearest and dearest tribe of people. The speakers at WOJ, including my dear friend Margaret Feinberg, were AMAZING. I took so many notes …. I should share some of them!

Visit a state park
Visit a national park
Visit Sea World in San Antonio CHECK!!!!! Read all about our adventures here.


January: purchase a new pair of Sperry boat shoes (such as these)¬†I didn’t buy the Sperry boat shoes but I found a pair of Born sandals on clearance at a boutique in Granbury. Born + Clearance = DEAL!!!

February:¬†give up AND add something meaningful for Lent¬†Failed. Since we were travelling to Louisville on Ash Wednesday, I missed our traditional worship service (including ashes on my forehead) and I haven’t added or eliminated anything for Lent.

March: Purchase a dimmable floor lamp and hang curtains in my office to camouflage the two storage closets. The fluorescent lighting is too bright and hurts my eyes. FAIL. I still hate the lighting in my office.

April:¬†celebrated Easter (1); won the Community Spirit Award (5); left a movie before it was over (12); ate the most delicious maple glazed Sriracha bacon donut from Dough Boy Donuts at Joshua’s Main Street Market (15); indulged in the most amazing burger and onion rings at Shep’s Place in Weatherford (19); began the Curly Girl Method (22); and supported the¬†North Texas Laryngectomy Society¬†at the Red Dress Gala (27)

May: celebrated National Day of Prayer with an amazing, Spirit-filled service; got stranded at Beaumont Ranch after heavy rains during the CT100 clay shoot; spoiled our JUMPS staff during Teacher Appreciation Week with daily treats; and took Kamden to Pediatric Dentistry of Mansfield for his regular cleaning.

June: got my first DevaCut by a Level II DevaCurl stylist (June 13); had lunch with movers and shakers in Johnson County (June 21); and Kamden and I played chauffeurs taking the Latvia Mission Team to DFW Airport (June 29).

July: Kamden has befriended two sanitation workers (July 2); our first family vacation to Sea World in San Antonio (July 10-13); enjoyed a night with the girls (July 21); and, on July 28th, Julie and I saw Luke Combs and Jason Aldean in concert.

August: Kamden and I flew to Kentucky and he got to fish, work on the farm, reunite with Jackson and Connor, attend a family reunion, and visit the Louisville Science Center. Kamden began his last first day at JUMPS Preschool on Monday, August 20 and he was so excited to tell the world he wants to be a farmer when he grows up.

September:¬†The entire month can be summed up like this: my son yelled a cuss word at school. I laughed because, let’s be honest, there’s a 99.99999% chance he heard it from his Mama. Whoops!

October:¬†I’ll recap this month with a few pictures…

On our way home from San Antonio, a few of us stopped at the famous Lulu’s Bakery for lunch. Jenny and I ordered the SMALLEST portion of chicken fried steak and it was still bigger than our faces. Don’t worry, we didn’t finish the thing. But I did bring home one of their 3lb cinnamon rolls to Fire Chief Baker.

For stress relief, I’ve been setting up my 2019 planner. I also color coded pens, something I’ve never done before but figure it’s worth trying at least once.

Lauren Zakalik is a news reporter at WFAA / Channel 8 in Dallas-Fort Worth and we’ve been friends on Facebook for a while. She called me asking if the excessive rains had affected the church’s pumpkin patch and when I exclaimed YESSSSSS she said she wanted to come out and do a segment. It was the first time we met in-person and she’s just as beautiful and genuine on the inside as she is on the outside. Of course, it started raining AGAIN while we were filming but we just went with it. You can watch the segment HERE. I’m grateful for Lauren and Josh (her photographer) for coming out to the patch because the story has been seen by so many people around the Metroplex and we’ve received about $1,000 in donations from complete strangers. If nothing else, this proves I’ll do almost anything to support local outreach ministries!!!!!

Make sure you get out and VOTE by Tuesday, November 6. It’s really important!

Kamden FINALLY got to go to Pumpkin Patch with his preschool friends and he’s been back twice to run through the maze and pick out more pumpkins for our front porch. I’m 100% confident they will become deer food before Thanksgiving.

November:¬†I would like to spend at least one day catching my breath once I’m done creating Cultivate material. This stewardship campaign has been one of the most demanding and stressful projects I’ve done since proposals with Lisa at TranSystems. Thank God for Jenny and her amazing graphic design work of our logo. She made my job of researching and layout design so much easier. And a big shout out to Not only do they carry a billion products at very wallet-friendly prices, their customer service is TOP NOTCH. Until two weeks ago, I had never ordered a booklet online and they made the process as simple and seamless as possible … despite my ability to complicate anything and everything!