Prepping for Pre-School // Nap-N-Style

Yesterday I shared with you all the cool gadgets and accessories in Kamden’s lunch box and today I’m sharing the essentials he’ll need to be stylish and comfortable at pre-school. Food takes precedence, what does that say about my priorities?! Before I share these nap-n-style items, let me preface this post by saying 1) Kamden is an only child and just a tiiiiiiiiiny bit spoiled; and 2) it’s fun to splurge on a few quality items while raiding the clearance racks for others.


Nap Mat // Okay, let’s get the big item – literally and figuratively – out of the way. Yes, this nap mat cost $115 and it’s too large for my toddler child. But, when Husband said he wanted our child to nap in luxury, I felt it was Motherly Duty to make sure Kamden would be as comfortable as possible while snoozing on the floor of his classroom. At 58-inches-long, we fully anticipate Kamden using this nap mat through college ( #kidding #notreally ) to ensure we get our money’s worth. With three-inches of foam padding and an attached blanket and pillow, this is obviously the crème de la crème of nap maps. Be jealous, peasants, be jealous! (We can’t be the only extravagant parents in the world because this particular nap mat is currently out of stock.)

Tops + Shorts // I went into Target for toilet paper and a birthday card and walked out with no toilet paper, three cards, and some clothes from the clearance racks. I had to return the next day for toilet paper though because we were down to one roll in the entire house.

Sperry Boat Shoes // I love every pair of Sperry’s I have ever owned and wanted Kamden to have a pair too. But I delayed buying him a pair until he got older and I knew he’d actually wear them on a regular basis. The Velcro closure is an absolute must.

Backpack // This classic seersucker backpack is a tribute to our Southern roots and proof that we monogram everything! I’ve recently stopped carrying my big, bulky diaper bag because this backpack is so much more convenient and lighter.

Because I’m a sucker for school supplies and I love the smell and feel of new pens and notebooks, I bought myself this Happy Planner. I needed a new calendar anyway and decided to splurge on this colorful version. It’s not an EC planner (if you know who/what EC is, you’ll understand) but it’s good enough for me. Like Bible Journaling, illustrated planning is becoming more popular.

If you or your kids are headed back to school soon, what are some must-have items?

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  1. Celeste August 11, 2015 at 7:53 am - Reply

    The girls are über picky about their pens and pencils (mechanical only) so that tends to get fairly pricey, but they also won’t lend them out to people. B will go so far as to write her name inside pencils so when someone claims it to be theirs, she can slam them as the thief they are. Good for her at $5 each! Sheesh! I’m a teacher for crying out loud! You know my pathetic salary.

    But, really, now that they’re both in high school 😳 who knows? It really changes each year. It’s all about being stylish, Auntie Nee.

    • Nicole August 11, 2015 at 9:07 am - Reply

      You know the pens I have and you know I will throw down as ass-whoopin’ if someone even looks at my pens, so I get where the girls are coming from. But B writing her name inside them, that’s uber-talented and uber-geniusness, I love that girl to pieces!!!!!!!!

      They’re both in high school (sigh), Auntie Nee is so old.

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