One of my goals in 2019 is to utilize my Living Well Planner and share regular updates with Three31 readers. The first few weeks of the new year have been challenging and more chaotic than I anticipated, leaving me feeling discombobulated and frustrated. But I’m hopeful this post will get me back on track and focused so I can finish January strong. I don’t anticipate future planner update posts to be this lengthy or have as many photos. But so many of you have asked what kind of planner I’m using and I wanted to share lots of pictures of different pages. If you’re not interested in my planner, goals, or what I did (or didn’t do) this week, stop reading here.

So, here a few things I love about my LWP …


When I pre-ordered this planner back in September, the only cover option I had was this multi-stripe. Now, I think you can get solid colors or floral patterns. I’m already loving the thick and sturdy cardboard cover as well as the extra large wire binding. I have high expectations for the LWP and I believe it is sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear it will surely endure in my possession.

Inside the front cover, I used Washi tape to attach my 2019 goals. This flip-book arrangement ensures my goals are never out of sight!

Even though I’m a color-coder in my Bible, I never thought of using the method in my planner. But, I’m giving it a shot and so far I’m happy with the decision.

The quotes on separating tabs are excellent … and a good reminder to give myself grace and to stay focused.


This page is really cool and compliments the goals I want to achieve in 2019. To prevent them from becoming too overwhelming, this “snapshot” allows me to focus on just a few at a time. And it’s a humble reminder for me to be intentional about the things I want to accomplish daily.


The next two photos are non-negotiable, absolute must-haves for any planner I use. I have to have MONTHLY spreads for quick glances and to help me manage my time. You can also see how the color coding helps distinguish between topics, appointments, and tasks.


This is the other non-negotiable item for my planner: a weekly spread with plenty of space for writing daily tasks and reminders. The LWP is the first planner I’ve used with vertical columns for each day of the week. I was skeptical but this format is helping me time-block, something else that I’m trying to do. I have really good intentions to use the boxes along the bottom for meal planning … but I’m not quite there yet. ????????‍♀️

I don’t use a lot of stickers and embellishments in my planner, but there are advantages to using eye-catching pretties!

Can we celebrate the fact that I did, in fact, grill hamburgers on this particular day?!


It’s really important for me to write words of affirmation and inspiring quotes in the margins. The first three weeks of January have been much – MUCH – more stressful than I anticipated but I’m trying to be intentional with my focus and perspective. Instead of dwelling on the chaos, I’m choosing to press forward and focus on the positive.

These particular quotes were paramount in keeping me grounded while learning several hard-knock lessons. I refuse to wallow with muddy pigs and I am thankful for my network of folks who are authentic and genuinely my friend.

Finally, inside the back cover, I’ve used more Washi tape to attach my 2019 Reading List. Just like my goal list, this is with me at all times and particularly helpful when I’m perusing Amazon and the Kindle App!

So there you have it, a peek inside my 2019 LWP! I haven’t used all of the pages (and some I probably won’t) but this planner is definitely living up to the hype. The only – ONLY – feedback I have for the LWP Team at this point is this: make the weekly layout begin on Sunday instead of Monday. This really messes with my head! I purchased “days of the week” stickers separately to make this adjustment.

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Tell me something good about your week in a comment!