I made this wreath today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got the idea from Pinterest. If you don’t know what Pinterest is, stop reading and click HERE. If you want an invite, send me a message. You will thank me later.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can “pin” anything and everything …… from recipes to crafts, clothing and accessories, quotes, books, web links, ANYTHING!!!!!!!!! I find Pinterest helpful for webpages with recipes, home decor, photography tutorials, and blog inspirations. As for my excessive number of pins, Husband and I had an adventure without TV and that had a major impact on my recent Pinterest activity.

I have friends who are talented and they’ve been “bitten” by the Pinterest bug too. Before Christmas, we decided to combine our excitement for all things Pinterest with our desire to help the church’s mission projects by hosting a Pinterest Craft Party + Potluck. I published an invite on Facebook, advertised in the church’s newsletter, and sent invitations to others. Everybody was responsible for bringing their own supplies and materials to create an item and a potluck dish to share for lunch. This turned out to be a wonderful afternoon of inspiration with delicious food, unique creations, and more laughs than hot glue sticks! I loved being a part of this “Family Affair” with mothers and daughters and entire families …….. thanks to The Zachry’s for showing this is something the entire family can be a part of.

I was inspired by this Ornament Wreath. I began this DIY project with a straw wreath (the foam ones are SOOOO ridiculous expensive), glue gun and LOTS of hot glue sticks, ribbon for hanging, and multi-colored ornaments I found after Christmas. I used a standard-size pillowcase (cut into 3-inch by 12-inch strips) to cover the straw wreath …… it was a messy process!

The best part of this “craft” is no creative superpower is required. I can’t knit or use a sewing machine, but I’m a glueing ninja ….. get an ornament, add glue, stick to wreath, and repeat about 3981750 times. TAAAA-DAAAA!!!!!!!!

Did I mention the need for an insane number of glue sticks? Holy Mother of Adhesive, you’re going to need a lot of glue!!! I should also mention that I have three blisters from that darn glue gun AND this ornament wreath took more about six hours to complete. I’m a faithful creator!

Here are some shots throughout our afternoon, I have really talented friends!

As I said earlier, our church has a fundraising event each September to support mission outreach projects in our community, as well as domestic and international mission trips. I’m confident the 2012 Lord’s Acre is going to be a big success with the new and improved, Pinterest-inspired, craft store.

Keep smiling …… and for goodness sakes, keep pinning!!!!!!