Thanks to fatmumslim, I’m participating in her #photoadayMay this month. Want to join me? Check out her site!

Here is group TWO of my photographs:

May 6 — ME!

I really hate for my photo to be taken. I cheated and took a photo of my Facebook wall on the computer screen. Let’s move on.

May 7 — someone that inspires me

There are so many people that inspire me. I’m blessed with incredible people from all walks of life that guide me, teach me, challenge me, entertain me, and nurture me. For the sake of this post, I’m breaking the rules because I did not take this photo of Lisa. Besides, it’s hard to take a photo of someone who lives in Virginia. Please, visit Lisa’s blog and tell her I said hello.

May 8 — a smell that I adore

It’s hard to describe the smell in the back woods of western Kentucky. Luckily, I have this picture from a trip to Kentucky last summer ….. I’m on a roll of breaking the rules, so forgive me …… that takes my breath away every time. The trees, the water, the sky, it’s peaceful, sacred, and, most importantly, it’s my Kentucky home. I miss it. A lot.

May 9 — something I do everyday

Humor me. I doubt the world is ready for the offspring Husband and I have the potential of creating. It’s better for everyone that I take these pills every day. Seriously.

May 10 — a favorite word

Again, my sense of humor is on overload.

This photo challenge is really difficult for me. I don’t take my camera with me wherever I go on a daily basis and I’m always scrambling to complete this goal. I envy those with cell phones that take pictures. I won’t bore you with the ancient features of my cell phone: it dials numbers and receives incoming calls. Is there an app for that?!

Anyway, happy shootin’ and see you next week for Group 3 photos!