Thanks to fatmumslim, I’m participating in her #photoadayMay this month. Want to join me? Check out her site!

Here is group ONE of my photographs:

May 1 — peace

Husband moved this hay-ring (used around a fire pit) so he could mow near the area it usually sits. By adding a four-by-four wood post and two metal support brackets, the hay-ring became a peace sign!

May 2 — skyline

It’s not the best of photos, but it’ll have to do. The faint circle is the moon. This weekend, a “super moon” is supposed to be visible. I hope the clouds stay away so we can see it.

May 3 — something you wore today

I don’t wear a hat and Oakley sunglasses like I did when I played competitive golf. But, every now and then, I like to wear them. Today, because the weather was absolutely perfect, I wore my hat and rolled the windows down in my car. Instead of taking the main highway, I drove county roads with the radio turned up loud.

May 4 — FUN!

Today is Kentucky Oaks (read my super-duper post HERE) and I splurged by betting a whopping five-dollars on the horse race. Unfortunately, my horse did not win, or finish in second or third place. I won no money and I did not squeal in excitement. However, the winner, Believe You Can, is owned and trained by two Kentucky men and the jockey, Rosie Napravnik, is the FIRST FEMALE JOCKEY to win The Oaks.

May 5 — bird

I have bad news about the bird nest in our driveway: two of the four killdeer eggs were disturbed by “something” and the remains are disheartening. To say the least, I cussed whatever destroyed this nest. I used really, really bad words. Mama and Papa Birds are nowhere to be found. They disappeared the same day Husband discovered the nest. It breaks my heart. But, life must go on.

Alright Y’all, I’ve (barely) completed the first week of this #photoadayMay challenge. It’s more difficult that I imagined, but I’m going full speed ahead and looking forward to week two. I’ll share group two photos next weekend. Until then, happy shootin’.