Thursday Tidbits

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As a strong, independent woman who’s married, these 10 things are true about my relationship …

Hurricane Florence wrecked havoc for so many people, but the wild horses along the Outer Banks of North Carolina  emerged unscathed. I’ve been to the Outer Banks and I’ve seen these horses, they’re beautiful and resilient animals!

Looking for a birthday, anniversary or early Christmas present for a special man in your life? This leather passport wallet is a great option!

Whether you’re a farmer or not, you will appreciate this grain cart operator’s enthusiasm and sense of humor! (I’ve watched this video so many times I’ve lost count but laughed hysterically because 1) it’s so true and 2) I really want to drive to Canada and refill her snack bags!)

What if we all began each day on […]

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Thursday Tidbits

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10 ways to experience revival in the church today …

I refuse to be so attached to the way things used to be culturally that I miss out on what God is currently doing spiritually.Brandon Cox

Two of my favorite singers performing one of my favorite songs

If you have to use a boxed mix, these are the four best for cornbread …

Everything must go (and this girl can preach!) …

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Thursday Tidbits

{ Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash }

I find this incredibly fascinating and I’m proud to come from that tiny BROWN dot on the map!

A beautiful post from a mother to her daughter that is equally poignant to the church for its upcoming stewardship/capital campaign about wants verses needs, equal sacrifice, and generosity.

Carey Neiuwhof is always posting great blogs, podcasts, and ministry snippets. This post on passion is especially true because I’m currently working on something that makes me excited about the mission and ministry at FUMC Joshua. Yes, it’s after midnight. Yes, I need to go to sleep. But when the ideas start flowing, I roll with it!

Do you know someone who’s climbed Mount Everest not just once, but TWICE? I do. His name is Gary Ervin and he’s a dear friend of mine. During my summer breaks […]

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Resolution Update | August 2018

{ Grandaddy + Kamden fishing at Kaleb’s Lake | August 1, 2018 }

Holy moly, summer is gone. Zip! Zoom! Done! The month of August was a busy one and I was able to accomplish several things on my resolution list…


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Write a series on Women of the Bible
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Read the Bible in a year (again … with my favorite plan) Ehhh … still behind.
Continue monthly tithe to church ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ) Eight down; four to go.
Facilitate a Bible study for women […]

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Thursday Tidbits

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My selection for 2019 planner … you have until 11:59pm TOMORROW to pre-order your own Living Well Planner. Don’t wait, do it right now!!!

I hope to send this letter to Kamden’s teachers someday …

I’ve been following the Curly Girl Method for five months and learned so much from Lorraine Massey

Every Texan and Whataburger fan will understand this level of awesomeness …

Five ways to teach young children valuable skills …

The Traditional Plan proposed for General Conference is something I can get behind …

A rainy day in Lexington, Kentucky is cool …

A beautiful post on why God made teachers

The end of summer means the State Fair of Texas is nearing. You can’t go to the fair without trying unique concessions

A wonderful performance of one of […]

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Thursday Tidbits

{ Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash }

25 random pieces of advice worth putting into practice immediately …

In light of the recent court decision involving RoundUp, a common weedkiller, here are 17 questions you need to ask about glyphosate

For parents, grandparents, teachers, ministry leaders, school bus drivers, cafeteria workers, resource officers, and anyone else serving children and students

Someone finally shares the same enthusiasm about writing utensils as I do …

Choose a nail color based on your Zodiac sign …

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How to Choose a Planner

Photo courtesy of Living Well Spending Less

As long as I can remember, I have always used some type of planner. Yes, there are countless apps available on my smartphone but I prefer paper. I want to hold it, turn the pages, and write notes and appointments. My infatuation with planners is something my Husband just doesn’t get. He doesn’t understand why I spend weeks MONTHS deciding which one to use. Let’s be honest: a planner is useless if you don’t actually USE it. 

Choosing a planner is a big decision. It’s okay to be picky. Experiment until you find one that suits you best. Believe me, I’ve tried lots and lots of planners over the years!

Here are five major factors I consider when choosing a planner:

{ one } SIZE

Everything is bigger in Texas, including my planner. I’m not one to […]

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Summer 2018: My Old Kentucky Home

Kamden and I just returned from another fabulous trip to Kentucky for a family reunion. We had a wonderful time and Kamden continues to be an amazing traveler. On our last flight, he complained of the loud noise (we were seated in the very back of the plane) so this trip Husband treated us by upgrading our seats and I packed a set of ear muffs typically used at the gun range. Kamden was a happy camper and practiced writing his letters and numbers en route to the Bluegrass State.

As soon as we arrived at Grandaddy’s and YaYa’s house, it took about 0.0003 seconds for Kamden to get on the Kawasaki Mule for a ride around the garden and over to Kaleb’s lake to feed the fish. Early the next morning, Kamden rode in the semi with Grandaddy and took a trailer […]

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Thursday Tidbits

{ Photo by Herson Rodriguez on Unsplash }

Anyone want to join me in September for a 30-day declutter challenge? I need an intervention, y’all …

I love University of Oxford researchers (ha!) …

Snack time with Kamden is exhausting so I’m excited about these hacks

I’m so glad my child loves genuine PLAYING with trucks and dozers and bicycles and DIRT …

Change starts with one parent and one child at a time.

10 reasons I hope Kamden will participate in FFA or 4-H

I like Hellman’s mayonnaise but this is disgusting. I can’t even …

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