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Thursday Tidbits

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If you need a role, look no further than Capt. Tammie Jo Shults. Here’s another article on the woman with nerves of steel and ability to perform under pressure (literally and figuratively).

I always admired Barbara Bush.

Headed to a job interview? What you wear, how you smell, and your confidence level are important.

If you’re not a graphic designer but need a professional look, these five online design tools are simple for ANYONE to use!

Only Kentuckians and experienced bourbon connoisseurs will appreciate this gift to Pope Frances.

If you’ve mastered the delicate balance, please teach me your ways.

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Thursday Tidbits

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If you like eating tacos and live in Fort Worth, this map is helpful …

Going the extra mile is important for guest experiences, whether you’re Disney or the local church …

Every best man speech at a wedding should be this entertaining …

Five lessons from C.S. Lewis …

The art of macaroni and cheese

Kamden pulled a Toddler Trick on me this week when we specifically asked for a “grilled cheese without cheese.” Parenting is hard, y’all. This Dad has channeled his parenting frustrations, mishaps, and laughable moments into illustrations and I can soooooooooo relate ….

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Six Ways Children Can Serve their Community

Community service is vital, not only in my position as Director of Outreach Ministries but as a parent as well. It’s very important to me that Kamden learns to serve others not from a place of obligation but authentic generosity. He’s not going to learn this selflessness unless he sees me set the example and provide opportunities for us to participate in service projects together. Fortunately, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Here are six ways children can serve their community:

community service{ Photo by Anna Kolosyuk on Unsplash }

Food Pantry

We are blessed at First Methodist Joshua to have the Helping Hands Food Pantry. It’s open two days a week and serves residents in Johnson County. I like to take Kamden shopping at Aldi for canned goods then he helps stock the items on the […]

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Community Spirit Award

When Husband and I moved to Joshua in 2007, I never imagined I’d be nominated for the Community Spirit Award by the Joshua Area Chamber of Commerce. My position at First Methodist Joshua affords me countless opportunities, every day, to be a community ambassador and liaison for outreach ministry. I love what I do, but it’s not a job. This is my calling.

Growing up, I remember my Mom serving in different roles for various organizations and community groups. I spent many evenings in meeting rooms, City Hall, or school gyms while she presided over an agenda, read minutes, or contributed to council discussions. They were dreadfully boring then and not much has changed today! While I don’t think my Dad ever called a meeting to order, he helps coordinate events benefiting children’s hospitals, military veterans, school booster clubs, and anyone else in need. He smokes a mean pork chop and […]

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Thursday Tidbits

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Trusting God with your children …

Whether you identify with millennials or not, watch this and listen to the authenticity and passion these young people have for The Church and their faith. It’s powerful …

No one can argue Loyola-Chicago brought a sense of excitement and grace to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament …

If you’re struggling to let your light shine confidently, watch this

Here are 20 dinner ideas for when you don’t know what to make …

For staff meeting this month, I’m serving these blackened shrimp bowls and this chocolate peanut butter trifle for dessert …

Teachers in my home state of Kentucky are furious over a controversial bill that affects their pension and retirement benefits. The education system, nation wide, is in turmoil and I’m afraid our children are […]

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Resolution Update | March 2018

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Today, March 31, Husband and I celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. I was hoping Loyola-Chicago would beat Michigan for a trip to the NCAA Championship game next week but, sadly, they just got beat. I’m so sad for this team and Sister Jean. What a Cinderella story they had this season and this tournament. Wow – I definitely know who Loyola-Chicago is now!

It seems like time is going faster and faster every month but I’ve also not caught my breath since January. Spring is a very busy season around the church – Easter is tomorrow, we’re hosting the Chamber awards banquet later this week, and have several new studies starting next Sunday. Plus, I’ve already begun coordinating a women’s retreat in June. Whomever said there was a “slow season” for church pastors and ministry leaders […]

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Thursday Tidbits

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And the Texan of the Year goes to …

Why you don’t need a man but a warrior (totally worth a read, despite the strong language) …

With the exception of #8 (I totally believe marriage is a partnership but it is right for a woman to leave her family and become one with her husband, and that includes taking his last name), I agree that our sons need these lessons. Another revelation for parents: you are raising your grandchildren’s parents. Let that sink in …

In case you’re looking for a springtime read

During this Holy Week, I encourage you to love on your church leaders. Easter is a HUGE deal for churches. Show your pastor and leaders extra appreciation. They’re stressed, anxious, and hoping every person – whether a long-time disciple or […]

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Thursday Tidbits

Who wants to go to Cozumel, rent this estate, and chillax on the beach with me?

Retirement, y’all. It’s important to save and plan for your future!

Seven words and phrases I want to eliminate from my vocabulary …

I’m putting myself in time-out to watch this movie

More reasons to eat avocado

Because tweets from parents of four-year-olds are my jam …

I have my eye on a few items for my office: this rug, this lamp, and this clock (in yellow).

I’m constantly reading books, articles, and blogs about church ministry, first impressions, discipleship, community outreach, and connecting with first-time and returning guests. These five things to consider when visiting a church is from the perspective of a parent, but it’s applicable to every person who enters your worship space.

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Thursday Tidbits

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It’s March and that means NCAA brackets and I’m hoping Calipari can lead the UK Wildcats to another banner …

Why I won’t be watching A Wrinkle in Time anytime soon …

Why a meal around the table  is so important to our faith and nurturing relationships with God and others …

My respect and admiration for educators is deep and I can assure you if I had “walked out” of school it had better been to my parents’ vehicle, the bus for a field trip, or the playground at recess …

If you’re coming to Texas and you like to shop, here are the 10 best antique and flea markets

LGBTQ propoganda targeted to children’s TV – Jesus, help me parent my child despite the world’s distorted views of marriage, relationships, and sex …

If you’re building […]

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Thursday Tidbits

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I’m the mother of a little boy who gets ECSTATIC every time he sees a garbage or delivery truck. I have seen the joy this little boy had when his favorite UPS driver delivered the ultimate gift …

I’ve got to invest in some quality, yet comfortable shoes before summer …

Heard of Popeye’s Chicken? One of the most amazing individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting in person is Popeye’s CEO, Cheryl Bachelder. Her story and relentless spirit to remain faithful despite an atmosphere of discontent and doubt is an inspiration. She’s also written a book, Dare to Serve, on servant leadership based on the Christian principle: it is better to serve than be served …

Another woman I was blessed to meet during my brief visit to Ashley, North Dakota was

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