Mom Up { a book review + giveaway! }

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Are you ready to MOM UP?

If you’re a Mama and reading this, please do me a huge favor and close your eyes, take a deeeeeeeeep breath (take another one just in case!), and put your hand over your heart. Feel that? Good, now repeat after me:

I am not perfect, but I have a purpose.
I am the daughter of the Most High
and He says I’m worthy, important, and special.
There are many people – including tiny replicas of myself
who call me Mom – who love me, and I cherish them right back.
Whatever season I’m in right now, I embrace it and I am thankful for it.
I’m not perfect but I believe in a Savior who is.
Together, we will do this!

Whew, that was nice! Thank you.

Several months ago, I got an invitation to join a book launch team for

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2019 Reading List

In addition to my 2019 Goals, I have big plans to build my personal library and read at least one book per month, hopefully more! Here are 26 books I want to read in 2019:

Taste and See by Margaret Feinberg

Mom Up by Kara-Kae James

The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron

Come Back Effect by Jason Young

Didn’t See It Coming by Carey Nieuwhof

The Prayer Wheel by Patton Dodd

The Life and Prayers of Saint Francis of Assisi by Wyatt North

Fat and Faithful by J. Nicole Morgan

We Pray with Her by E.P. McClain, D. Trexler, and S. Sullivan

Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments At Home by Traci Smith

Satisfied: A 90-Day Spiritual Journey Toward […]

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2019 Goals

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Wow, it’s 2019 already! This is the eighth year I’ve made this list and I’ve decided to rename them goals.


Because I want to focus on setting S.M.A.R.T. goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

Unlike resolutions, which are merely things you resolve (or intend) to do, goals require planning, preparing, and, ultimately, realistic ACTION. All of my goals here fit the SMART requirements. I also have a snazzy planner for 2019 that will (hopefully) keep me focused and has space for me to track my progress. Get ready, Three 31 readers, you’re going to see a lot of planner pages this year!

In 2019, I’ll still use familiar categories but I’ve added some for focus, transparency, and importance.

A few months ago, I read Lara Casey’s Cultivate and it made a huge impact on me as a Christ follower, wife, […]

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Recap of 2018

This is the seventh year I’ve shared a recap of the year ( 20122013201420152016 and 2017 ). I’ve tweaked this form a bit a lot so this edition is not even close to the original.

If I had to describe 2018 in one word it would be ROUTINE. I’ve felt a sense of machine-like predictability this year, like I’m in the same groove to maintain momentum. With the exception of a few high points, 2018 has been quiet. My life has remained steady – I’m not complaining! – at home, at work, and with friends. Overall, 2018 was good.

Compared to this time last year, are you:

Happier or Sadder?  Happier.
Thinner or Fatter?  
Richer or Poorer?

What – or […]

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Results of 2018 Resolutions

I made it to the end of 2018 and, if I’m being 100% honest, I’m ready for a new year, new start, new goals, and a new planner. I’m ready to begin new things and stop doing old things. If I’m being 101% honest, I admit that I gave up on this resolutions list around mid-October. I also had good intentions for this blog this year but, I suck and Three 31 fell off my priority list. Before I release anything for 2019, I must properly finish out 2018 by sharing the results of this resolutions list and a year in review post.


Tighten security to prevent spam comments FAIL. Not only did this not happen, but there are over 14K comments for me to review and 13,993 of them are spam.
Write a series on Women of the Bible 

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Thursday Tidbits

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Y’all, I cannot – CANNOT – believe tomorrow is December 1st. Holy cow, where did 2018 go?

Now that we’re entering the 12th month  of the year, it’s time for the ol’ KitchenAid mixer to be front and center on the counter. Two years ago, FUMC Joshua began participating in a conference wide effort to provide freshly baked cookies to troops stationed overseas. They’re carefully packed the Sunday before Christmas, delivered by tractor trailer to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, and loaded onto a C-130 cargo ship and delivered to troops at an undisclosed location on or before Christmas Eve. It’s a massive undertaking by individual churches but one that FUMC and the entire Joshua community has really rallied behind. Last year, our goal was to send 500 dozen. We nearly doubled that and […]

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Thursday Tidbits


One of our greatest blessings – and the people we are so thankful for – are Kamden’s preschool teachers at JUMPS and FUMC Joshua. They are incredible and should earn a gabillion dollars each for the work they do each and every day. Here are 10 official reasons preschool teachers rock

If you need a side dish for the family gathering, take this. You won’t regret it.

This woman should be sentenced to jail for falsely accusing an innocent man. The police and investigators should face severe consequences for failing to collect proper evidence. You want to know why I have such little compassion for the #metoo movement? Because of shit like this. It’s infuriating that culture has deemed guilty until proven innocent as its new law instead of innocent until proven guilty. 

As a Christian parent, I agree with this Harvard study and teaching these spiritual practices to […]

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Thursday Tidbits

{ Photo by Andi Rieger on Unsplash }

Just when I begin to doubt The United Methodist Church’s future, clergy and laity from the Wesleyan Covenant Association – many of whom I personally know – convene for worship, prayer, Communion, and conversation regarding the 2019 General Conference. I am thankful for Bishop Lowry’s voice and stance on Biblical authority and the need to transform culture rather than accommodate it. I am anxious to get my eyes and hands on a transcript from South Congo Area Bishop Kasap Owan who preached on Africa protecting Jesus as a refugee and Africa will, again, protect The Gospel.

To the woman who will marry Kamden …

If this research about elementary students not being taught to read is correct, I have a lot of work to do …

Speaking of reading, I’m adding these 5 books to […]

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