I’m such a Mom Failure: this post is over a week late since Kamden turned one. But, in my defense, it’s been a very busy time! I made a big number one for Kamden’s birthday party using three-inch square prints from Sticky9.com. Great deal on great products, especially Instagram prints! The photo collage had been hanging on the wall in the dining room but Kamden loves looking at himself so much (narcissist, huh?!) we put it on the floor against the wall. It’s also good that all you can see is the back of his head because he had a “banging” good time with the rail on our king-size bed yesterday and the tile in the kitchen three days ago. Whoops!


FIRST “OFFICIAL” CHRISTMAS // Kamden must have been an extra good boy this year because Mommy, Daddy, his grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, and Santa Clause gave him an ABUNDANCE of gifts for his birthday and Christmas. There were so many presents under the tree they were spilling out into the living room and in front of the TV console! At one year, Kamden wasn’t that interested in opening presents and he seemed overwhelmed by the number of gifts and mass quantity of wrapping paper around him. But Mommy and Daddy were excited about his first official Christmas and opening all of his presents. Next year, and the years to come, we’ve concluded, will be mass chaos!  Until then, enjoy the calm before the storm, right?!

Nana Rose sent the biggest toy: a John Deere pedal tractor. It’ll be a while before Kamden is big enough to ride it, but in the meantime, he likes drumming and rolling his toy trucks on top of the big box in the middle of the living room. Oh, the simple things! Santa delivered three “necessities” in Kamden’s stocking: sippy cups, a bath tub mat, and a toy car to go with the new racetrack from Mommy and Daddy. Other popular gifts include a set of mini John Deere tractors, a musical guitar (with whammy bar!), large foam floor puzzle of the United States (he likes tearing the puzzle pieces apart as Mommy puts it together), glow-in-the-dark books, and flash cards of first words and animals.


GROWING // Kamden weighs 24.4 pounds and stands 29.75 inches tall, putting him at the 90th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for height.

EATING // ROUND OF APPLAUSE – we made it to the one year mark of breast feeding!!!!!!!! My original goal was six months and that was blown out of the water. I am so proud of this accomplishment, not only for Kamden and I but the countless number of sick and premature babies in NICU departments who are receiving my donor milk. It is both humbling and heartwarming to know my milk is helping other babies grow stronger. I’m still pumping exclusively but I’m noticing that my supply is beginning to decrease. There are several factors associated with this, though: my menstrual cycle has returned (boo!); I’m less diligent (lazy!) about pumping every few hours, especially during the middle of the night; and, Kamden is less interested in bottles during the day. He used to take six bottles, religiously, but now we’re lucky if he takes three a day. At his one-year checkup, his pediatrician gave us the go-ahead to introduce whole(cow’s) milk. We’ve tried a couple times with a sippy cup, without success, but I’ve added an ounce or two to his bottles with breast milk and Kamden drank it just fine. We’ll keep practicing as I assume the transition might take a while. Even though Kamden is not eating full meals of solid foods, he’s creating for himself a pretty consistent eating routine: breakfast around 9:30 or 10, a snack (a bottle of breast milk, if we’re lucky) before noon, a bottle of breast milk before his nap at 2:00, dinner between 5:00 and 6:00, a snack at 8:00, and a bottle of breast milk before bed at 9:30. Kamden’s interest in solid foods differs day to day. Besides his usual favorites – banana, yogurt, whole wheat crackers and bread, Cheerios, and Puffs – he’s had fruits, vegetables, and meats (chicken, pork, and beef). We’ve offered him pieces of American cheese, but he wants nothing to do with it. He’s not even a fan of macaroni and cheese. If he eats a certain food one day, he may or may not eat it the next. The day after Christmas, while visiting the grandparents, he had several bites of smoked beef brisket. Go figure, the boy likes Texas BBQ! At his birthday party, Kamden tasted chocolate cake and icing for the first time. He liked the cake but not the icing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Kamden will be more adventurous with food (like Mommy!) than his Daddy or I’ll be eating sushi, seafood, salads, and most fruits and vegetables by myself. Lord, help me!!!!!!


SLEEPING // Kamden is still an AMAZING sleeper and, due to his increased activity and mobility, has been sleeping a lot! He goes to bed around 9:30 or 10 and sleeps until 8:30 or 9 the next morning, sometimes later. By 1:30-2:00, he’s ready for an afternoon nap. On days we’re extra busy, running errands, or attending class at The Little Gym, he wants to nap longer. To ensure a good night’s rest for everyone, I don’t let him sleep longer than 2.5 hours. On the rare occasion, he’ll wake up in the middle of the night. If he did not eat much the previous day, he’ll take a bottle of breast milk. Otherwise, he’ll take a few sips of water after a diaper change and go right back to sleep without issue.

DOING // Kamden’s walking like crazy and crawling when he wants to reach his destination faster! Our master bedroom was once Kamden’s play room and toy chest but now his exploration domain has expanded to the entire house. He especially loves walking into the kitchen, opening every cabinet door, and finding new treasures (i.e. spatulas, cookie sheets, muffin tins, Tupperware lids, etc.) Every minute of every waking hour is play time for this active boy! When I need him “safely contained” for a moment, I’ll put him in the Joovy walker and he continues exploring in it. One afternoon, I found him in the utility room staring at the clothes spinning in the dryer. If he’s not riding in his Radio Flyer tricycle, he likes pushing it around the kitchen and entry hall. Kamden’s even been known to hide some of his toys in the storage bin on the back bumper!

WEARING // Now that Kamden is getting taller and thinning a bit (I use that term VERY loosely, he’s still got chubby cheeks and thighs!), he’s wearing mostly 2T and 3T clothes, depending on the brand. He’s got one pair of pants that are 18-month but they are a specialty brand that tends to run really big. His chest and shoulders are broad and most of his pants have to be rolled up because they’re too long. Unless it’s just too cold, he wears shorts the majority of the time so he doesn’t trip and fall over the extra material. Socks are a nemesis and we call him the One Sock Bandit. He wears them to bed at night but it’s a chore trying to keep them on him during the day. When he’s sitting in his high chair, he likes to pull his socks off. He has the no-slip kind but he tends to slide on our hardwood floors, so I prefer to be barefoot when he’s walking and exploring around the house. He’s barefoot during his classes at The Little Gym too, so it’s good reinforcement of balance and motor skills he’s learning.

LOVING // Pushing around his CAT dump truck, walking across the room between Mommy and Daddy, classes at The Little Gym; watching trains go by; splashing in the bath tub; eating bananas; rolling cars and trucks with Daddy; looking at flash cards and reading with Mommy; standing in front of the dryer and watching clothes spin; opening and closing cabinet doors; clapping hands; and drinking water from a sippy cup.

LOATHING // Being told “no” or have something taken away; being confined to the Pack-N-Play while Mommy pumps; and wearing socks

END OF YEAR BUCKET LIST // Let’s see how well we did on our goals, shall we?

  • Go to a high school football game.
  • Decorate a pumpkin.
  • Go trick or treating (trunk or treat).
  • Take pictures in pumpkin patch.
  • Donate to the food bank.
  • Wear a Halloween costume.
  • Pick apples at an orchard. Bake an apple pie.
  • Invite friends over for chili and football.
  • Visit the State Fair of Texas.
  • Go to a fall festival and/or craft fair.
  • Eat Thanksgiving dinner. 
  • Watch a Christmas parade.
  • Have a family portrait session.
  • Mail Christmas cards.
  • Write a letter to Santa Clause.
  • Adopt a child from the Angel Tree and buy Christmas gifts for them.
  • Drive through a neighborhood and look at Christmas lights.
  • Read Christmas and Advent stories or books.
  • Deliver homemade cookies to friends and neighbors.
  • Sing Christmas carols.
  • Take pictures with Santa.