Husband and I are going to Washington, D.C.!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve never been to the nation’s capital. The opportunity to explore while Husband is stuck inside a boring board room (yuck!) is an opportunity I’m NOT going to miss.

We’re planning to leave early so we can spend at least one day together. Husband really wants to see the Smithsonian and, if time allows, the Veterans Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery. The rest of the trip, it’ll be me and my Nikon camera. I can only imagine how beautiful the area is, I can’t wait to take pictures. Maybe I’ll get a frame-worthy one!

Things may change between now and our departure, but I’ve created this “Bucket List” of places I want to see or visit, and things I want to do or experience:

  1. Walk along The National Mall and take pictures of the Capitol Building, Lincoln Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, and the Washington Monument
  2. Stand in front of the White House
  3. Walk under the cherry blossoms
  4. Visit the Smithsonian
  5. See the “Declaration of Independence” at the National Archives
  6. Join the hustle-and-bustle of Union Station
  7. Remember those at Arlington National Cemetery
  8. Touch the names of loved ones on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  9. Dip my toes in the Potomac River
  10. Attend the Noon Day worship service at the Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church

A trip would be incomplete without FOOD from local eateries. And, I am one of “those” who despises chain restaurants, especially in new places. To satisfy my picky palette, I’ve scoped out these establishments:

This is quite an extensive list and I don’t know how I’ll be able to accomplish it all, but I’m sure gonna try! Fortunately, Washington D.C. has a great transit system, Metrorail.
For less than $50, I can purchase an unlimited fare pass good for seven consecutive days.
I also want to visit Union Station because TranSystems, my former employer, completed extensive work there.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the cherry blossoms are still beautiful, even though the annual festival is in March and April. In fact, this year was the centennial celebration.

Now it’s YOUR turn …. leave a comment on this post!

Have you been to Washington, D.C.?

What do you recommend or suggest?



Now, it would be nice if Husband would get our hotel arrangements finalized and purchase his airline ticket so I can get mine. He’s dreading this trip while I’m jumping up and down like a child on Christmas morning. I think it’s pretty obvious who’s going to WORK and who’s going to PLAY. Hmmm…