It’s been really quiet in these blog parts lately but I promise I have TONS to share with you, including my family’s getaway to the farm show (#NFMS19).

This is the second consecutive year we’ve made the trek from Texas to Louisville, Kentucky to walk around 27 acres of indoor expo space to see tractors, farm equipment, and agricultural products. Basically, it’s every country boy’s heaven on earth, especially Kamden! This trip was extra special because Chad (Husband’s oldest brother) went with us. It was also his first ride in an airplane!

If there was a mower, combine, lawn tractor, big tractor, or truck unlocked, Kamden climbed up into the driver’s seat … no matter the paint color or brand name!

I’ll be honest … I can’t tell you the exact name of most of these tractors or implements, but Kamden can! He told me, “Mom! Take my picture standing beside this HUGE auger wagon on tracks!!!”

So I did.

And he’s right … this thing was huge!

He also informed me that this tractor is the “monster sized version of Daddy’s tractor in the barn at home.”

And he’s right.

A huuuuuuuuge combine on track skids from Case IH was on display and Kamden and Husband stood in line for 10 minutes for a moment to sit in the driver’s seat.

As we walked through the Concourse between the North and South Wings, Kamden stopped to shake this veteran’s hand and thank him for his service to our country. Kamden gave a small donation to the organization and got to choose a lapel pin to bring home..

On the plane from Dallas to Louisville Tuesday evening, Kamden and I sat next to a young man from Houston whose family is in the pro stock tractor pull series. One of their trucks is Lil’Whip. Unfortunately, we never saw the truck or anyone from the team but I found this photo from NFMS’s blog.

After experiencing the horrific turbulence Tuesday night, passengers became friends real quick. Seriously, it was one of the worst flights I’ve ever been on. I was scared but I kept worrying about my son, Husband, and brother-in-law!!!

We did manage to walk through Broadbent Arena (known as The Pit during NFMS) to see a lot of the trucks and tractors competing in this year’s championship. Teams from all over THE WORLD come to Louisville just for this weekend’s event!

Of course a trip to the NFMS would not be complete without visiting the Kentucky Soybean Association’s booth in the West Wing and hugging one of my favorite Curly Girls in the whole wide world, Miss Rae-Rae!!!!! The farming and agriculture world is really one giant family and she is proof of that. Together, our friends and family network spans the globe and thanks to Facebook we can stay connected all year.

After spending most of the morning at the Farm Machinery Show, Husband, Chad, Kamden and I met Aunt Georgia, Aunt Kathy and Nana for lunch. Kamden had A LOT to tell everyone about what he had just seen at #NFMS19!

On a personal note … more than a week prior to our arrival in Louisville, my Dad was put in the hospital for multiple blood clots in his legs and lungs.


By the time I got to Louisville my Dad’s medical team was contemplating the possibility of him going home. I couldn’t stand being two-and-a-half hours from my parents so I made the decision to leave Louisville for a quick getaway to Sebree. Dad was released from the hospital Wednesday afternoon while Georgia and I were on the road to my parent’s house. I’m so glad we went down there, albeit a very quick trip, because I got to see the parental units and their herd of dogs plus Kaleb and Caitlin Tapp. Dad has a long road to recovery ahead of him but thankfully the medications are working and we’re hopeful the clots will slowly dissolve on their own. Initial conclusions blame Dad’s foot surgery in November as the culprit for the clots as he has spent the last few months with his legs elevated and drastically reduced his physical activity. I tease him all the time about him being the worst spokesperson for retirement with multiple rounds of illness and ailments but clots are no laughing matter. With a few diet and lifestyle changes, and keeping him limited on the farm, I’m keeping my fingers crossed he will behave and take better care of himself!!!!

Georgia and I got back into Louisville around noon Thursday and Husband, Chad, and Kamden had exhausted themselves that morning at the farm show again. We all met at Kathy’s before deciding Uncle Chad needed to visit the world-famous Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory in downtown Louisville.

They have an incredible collection of baseball artifacts on display including Babe Ruth’s bat, a record fast-ball throwing simulator, an actual MLB dugout, and a hand-carved, 450-million-year-old slab of Kentucky limestone in the shape of a catcher’s mitt. Of course, in front of the museum entrance is the World’s Largest Baseball Bat standing at 120-feet-tall!

Even if you’re not a baseball fan, I highly recommend visiting Louisville Slugger for a tour through the production factory (takes 30 minutes) and museum. Definitely worth your time and money … plus you get a miniature bat to take home!

Two grown men (and a miniature version) couldn’t walk past the Louisville Slugger Batting Cage without showcasing their major-wannabe talents. I was laughing so hard at their digs and jokes I could hardly take any photos. Don’t worry, there are no MLB scouts knocking down our door!!!!!!

How about my Husband’s boots and pink bat?!

At least my Husband and Chad both made contact with the 45mph balls coming their way inside that cage!

Kamden got to play in the Lil’ Slugger batting cage and did really well. His stance is a little wide but hey, he’s trying!

What a week this has been!

We had great fun and it’s always good to see family and friends in my home state. Of course, we learn something new every time we travel as a family and we are already planning next year’s trip. It might take my husband and brother-in-law a year to rest and recover anyway!!!