Thanks to everyone who entered this giveaway and Brandy at Bella Pop for sponsoring and providing this great prize.

And the winner is ……….

Congratulations, Diane!!!!!! Check your email for details about how to claim your super-duper-awesome prize from Bella Pop Photography.

Last summer, I purchased a “seat” for a photography class led by Brandon and Brandy at Bella Pop Photography. We met near the museum district of Fort Worth in the middle of the summer. To say the least, it was hot. Like, 110-degrees hot. The sweaty details are disgusting, but the techniques were very helpful.

Lucky for me, Brandy began a new branch in her professional photography business: online classes. She was even nice enough to invite me to her pilot launching of Shooting in Manual 101. In this class, participants learned the basics of shutter speed, exposure, ISO, aperture, metering, and white balance. Now, before my classes with Bella Pop, all of this was Greek to me.

One thing I really liked about the online class was the private Facebook group. It provided the perfect opportunity for class participants to share their photos and receive creative feedback. By posting my photos, I learned a great deal from Brandy’s feedback.

This is a great detail shot of a guy enjoying the weather. The exposure looks great too. Overall, a super cute pic!

Of course, not all of my photos were up to par, but that did not stop Brandy from providing constructive comments:

Oh I love sunsets! This picture is very cool… love the colors! The exposure looks great for the sky. Next time I would try a shutter speed of 1/125 to bring down the ISO some, just because that sky is so pretty and you can see the grain. Of course, it would be even better on a tripod and an ISO of 100, but I’m often without my tripod. You did great Nicole!

The photo of the rain gauge surprised me as I intended to focus on Blue instead ….. but mistakes sometimes turn into a good thing!

I really like this image. The colors are fab! This is a great example of shallow depth of field to isolate the subject, while still implying the scene. That being said, I might love this photo even more if Blue was a bit more in focus – not totally focus, still blurry, just more discernible features. It’s still lovely though.

One of my all-time favorite photos was also an excellent example of depth of field. Of course, I didn’t realize it at the time, but I’m still learning!

Excellent example of a great depth of field. I can see the texture on the truck and the lines in the grain towers. I couldn’t imagine shooting this image with a different aperture. Everything in focus was the way to go!

Brandy is sweeter than my sweet tea (c’mon, y’all know that’s gotta be sah-weet!!!!) and I’m uber-impressed with her talents. Just look at her photos, the clarity is INSANE ….. I swear it’s like she’s standing right in front of me!

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Because Brandy is so awesome, spectacular, wonderful, and gracious, she is offering ONE lucky reader a $60 CREDIT for any online photography course offered at Bella Pop.  Brandy offers classes covering the full spectrum of photography techniques: from basics (manual mode), to creative composition, and shooting in natural light. You do NOT need a fancy-schmancy camera to participate, classes are compatible with point-and-shoots too!

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