A big thank you to Margaret Feinberg for graciously allowing me and a guest to attend the 2012 Catalyst event in Dallas. The experience was wonderful and very fulfilling.

Last week, I had the privilege of attending one of the largest church leadership conferences in the nation: Catalyst. Fortunately for me, the event came to Dallas *AND* my friend and very talented Christian author, Margaret Feinberg, was a speaker.

I had no idea what to expect at Catalyst Dallas, as I had never attended before, but I had a wonderful time meeting church leaders, bloggers, musicians, writers, and marketing executives who are focused on sharing The Good News and targeting all God’s people.

There were several moments when I looked around the small room during seminars or in the huge auditorium during main sessions that I felt uncomfortable, out of place, or decided I didn’t fit in. In my pea-brain, I thought I was inadequate because I wasn’t wearing the latest fashion, or have a tattoo, or the ministries I participate in are not big enough to make a difference. I must have drank some Nonsense Juice, because those thoughts were totally out of line! As ridiculous as it sounds, it was in these moments that I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me and whisper, “Be present. You are enough. Be present. You are enough.”

I did not attend Catalyst to earn style points or collect a zillion ink pens from every vendor in the fellowship hall (okay, I did take a few mints and two gel ink pens and I registered to win an iPad) from complete strangers. I attended the event to be energized, educated, and engaged in my faith. I lifted my voice and hands in worship. I made new friends (social media is a very cool thing …. I have more Twitter followers now!) and I laughed so hard during the main sessions that people around me thought I stopped breathing!

Photo courtesy of CatalystSpace.com

A team of very talented artists created a mural using pages from old books, small boxes, glue, and different shades of paint.

I thought this was very, very cool.

During one of the main sessions, Pastor Rudy Rasmus, from St. John’s Downtown Church in Houston. challenged us ~ all 3,500 in the auditorium ~ to a speech bubble promise. I committed to reaching beyond my comfort level and quieten the pessimist inside me saying I’m not enough.


I’m sorry about the pictures of the cardboard signs. I took these shots after I got home and began thinking about this post. Obviously, poor planning on my part.

I cannot be trusted when I have something to write ON and something to write WITH. My board eventually became a doodle-space. It was perfect for jotting down notes though, because I left my journal in the car. (Yes, I admit, I brought home several blank speech bubbles because I thought they were super-duper cool and I couldn’t help myself and I asked the passer-outer-person for an extra one but she gave me five. I’ll find something to write on them. Any suggestions?)

The first time I drove into the parking lot (Wednesday morning), my face lit up. The great lawn near the entrance was filled with lawn chairs, hammocks, corn-hole boards, and *BRIGHT PINK* flamingos.Who doesn’t love bright pink flamingos?! They were awesome and I seriously wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather by reading a book in a hammock. Unfortunately, in order to avoid the re-donk-culous traffic in the entire DFW Metroplex, I had to leave early each day.

The flamingos are calling my name, perhaps I’ll get a few and decorate the pasture. I’m sure Blue would like the company. Husband won’t mind the lawn ornaments. Right?

Here are close-up pictures of the *BE PRESENT* mural using pages out of books.

There are some insanely creative people in this world.

I, unfortunately, am not one of them.

Once again, a big thanks to *MARGARET FEINBERG* for the opportunity to attend Catalyst Dallas 2012. If you are looking for a book to read or DVD study to complete by yourself or with a group, check out her website. I recently ordered the “Graduation Gift Set” for some very special high school graduates. I love her books, I really enjoy her DVD studies, and I’m incredibly blessed to call her my friend.

I will leave you with the message from the Catalyst event: