If there is a therapy option for Pinterest users, I am a prime candidate for a “pintervention.” This morning, I reached the milestone of 4,000 pins. To celebrate, I’m sharing my favorite pins from this week. If you are on Pinterest, follow me!

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I’m not searching for an engagement ring, but I pinned this because 1) it’s absolutely gorgeous, 2) it’s timeless, and 3) I might want to consider this design when I get my grandmother’s inheritance: her diamond ring.

When Husband and I were ring shopping five years ago, I specifically asked for a band (only) because I knew one day we would have a spectacular solitaire. There was absolutely no legitimate reason for Husband to buy another. That would’ve been ridiculous.

MY 4,000th PIN IS …..

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Earlier this week, I posted this about changes in the education system since I’ve been in school. It’s obvious drastically different, but it’s also very difficult for me to accept that the 90s were NOT ten years ago!!!!!

Does anybody else feel the same?

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Husband and I really enjoy tacos. He’s easy to please since he wants only meat, cheese, and either a tortilla shell or chips. I, on the other hand, prefer more toppings. My favorites include guacamole and salsa with fresh cilantro and lime juice.

How cute would these mini taco cups be at a party or gathering? 

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I love dogs.

I mean, I REALLLLLLY love dogs. There are new additions to the family (the four-legged version) at my parent’s house in Kentucky, and I’m trying real hard NOT to get in the car and drive 14 hours just to get some puppy-lovin’. Of course, I’d be glad to see Mom and Dad too, but let’s be honest: puppies are super cute.

2. Give me time to understand

5. Talk to me


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Last night, Husband asked me if I wanted a snow cone from my favorite local stand.
Any other time, I would have danced in delight and jumped in jubilation, except I had just removed my bra, washed my face, and put on my jammies.

Perhaps his offer is still good for today, after we’ve finished our to-do list!

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I wish everyone a safe Memorial Day weekend. Please remember those who have fought, and those who continue to put their life in harm’s way, so we can enjoy the freedoms that we do. God bless the U.S.A.

~ Nicole ~