Once a week, Kamden and I visit The Little Gym for an hour-long class. We’ve been attending these classes since June, when Kamden was six months old. I have seen major progress in his social and physical development and, if I’m being completely transparent, it’s been nice (socially) for Mommy to be with other adults too!

Now that Kamden is mobile – crawling, standing, and walking with assistance – he is enjoying The Little Gym more than ever. As soon as we arrive, he’s anxious to get out of the car seat so he can explore. The activity room is lined with floor mats, balance beams, parallel bars, and tumble mats. Kamden loves standing and walking between the parallel bars. He’s also crawling on, over, and between tumble mats and using the padded steps to stand on his own.



This week, Miss Karen, Kamden’s  teacher, arranged one of the wider balance beams between a set of parallel bars. In addition to walking along the beam, Kamden and his classmates (who are called BUGS) did forward rolls with their parents’ assistance. Once we were done with that activity, Kamden stayed in the area to further explore the beam and bars. At one point, he wedged himself between the two and looked up at me like it was my fault that he was stuck … AS IF!!!!


Kamden is 100% boy. He’s so inquisitive and loves to explore. Every time we enter the gym, he makes a mad dash to the bright red and yellow straps and floor anchors supporting the uneven bars. It’s quite the chore to keep him on the big red mat for group singing, floor exercises, and Mommy-and-Me time because he wants to be on his own exploring and investigating!



“Hey Mom, can you not bother me while I try to figure out this apparatus?”

At the end of each class, before we sing goodbye songs, the BUGS sit on the big red mat while Miss Karen blows bubbles. It’s the cutest thing. Kamden’s infatuation with bubbles melts my heart. He’s so intrigued by them!






I’m so glad this boy is mine. 🙂